On Sunday those living at Camp Manoel Ribeiro in Rondônia and the Western Amazon, Brazil, celebrated the 1st month of the land taking. For this purpose the peasants organized an event that was also supported by peasants from other parts of the country as well as progressive intellectuals.


In the past 30 days prior to the event, more and more people had been joining the camp that is being organized by the peasants led by the LCP. In people’s assembly joint decisions are taken (e.g. drugs have been banned), communal kitchens have been set up and labor has been collectively distributed. Meanwhile, the reaction proceeds with its attempts to frighten, intimitade and isolate the peasants. Military police has visited the side three times already, two times accompanied by a helicopter. Without any legal grounds property of peasants adjacent to the encampment has been raided under force, holding up the families of them in order to gather more information on the newly formed camp.

Peoples Assembly

In Oaxaca, Mexico, students following the call of the Student Executive Committee "Vanguard" made an action denouncing the old reactionary state’s handling of the corona crisis. The state now has implemented "online admission exams" under the pretext of the pandemic, which effectively bars even further segments of the people from taking part in the education. Many, particularly in the poor and rural areas, do not have the technical equipment required for these kinds of online tests and are simply disregarded by the government measures.

On September 14th, people yet again took to the streets in Medellin, Colombia, continuation on the wave of uproar in the country. A combative and energetic demonstration was, although not as well attended as in the days prior, with slogans being shouted and sprayed all along the route of the demonstration. Furthermore, a statue of the reactionary military – for a long time a thorn in the eyes of the rebellious youth and frequently attacked – was this time finally toppled and destroyed. Meanwhile, the former mayor of Medellin in spreading through bourgeois media that Student Movement to Serve The People (MESP) and the Student Union of the People (UEP) would be clandestine Maoist organisations who are supposedly infiltrated by members of the ELN and FARC and that these agents would be behind the combative actions during the protests and calling for reprisals against them.