Massive riots have developed past week in Colombia after 43-year-old unarmed lawyer Javier Ordoñez was brutally arrested (using a taser on him) and afterwards tortured to death by the police, having received nine scull fractures. Since his murder, the country is in turmoil. At least 53 Police stations have been attacked so far, some of them completely burned. Meanwhile, at least 66 further people were shot at by the police, with 13 of them being killed by them.

Burned Police Station

Burned police station of the "Comando de Acción Inmediata de la policía (CAI)", the "Immediate Action Command of the Police"

The riots first broke out in the capital, but soon spread to other parts of the country. The same day the death of Javier was announced revolutionaries in led, despite all attempts of the revisionists to pacify the struggle, the masses in a struggle that led to the storming of the central police station in Colombia’s 2nd biggest city.

A comprehensive report (in Spanish) with many videos and pictures can be found here: El pueblo colombiano se levanta y grita: ¡La rebelión se justifica!

Massive riots also broke out this week in Chile, with tens of thousands of people throughout the country going to the streets on September 11th, the 47th anniversary of coup d’etat by the military in 1973. Holding marches and rallies, erecting barricades the people confronted the police. 107 people were detained, many wounded.

Chile Riot 1

Chile Riot 2

One week after two 11-year-old girls were shot in Yby Yaú, Paraguay, during a raid by the Paraguayan Special Forces on a camp of the Paraguayan People's Army (EPP), the organization has taken former Vice-President and big landowner Óscar Denis prisoner. Demanding a prisoner exchange in order for two of their Prisoners of War being released as well as $2m in food being handed out by his family to demanding communities they have taken Denis on Wednesday from one of his cattle ranches near Yby Yaú.

Paraguay EPP former vice president

A piece of the 2 Million Dollar worth of food being handed out after the EPP action