We republish an article of the editorial staff of A Nova Democracia:

We have seen this week, just as it was predicted in the last editorial, Bolsonaro calling for a truce before the other “powers”. Actually, it is a double move: on the one hand he became a hostage (again) of the High Command of the Armed Forces (ACFA), he is forced to hand over pieces as the Education Ministry, which are so important to the far-right, at the barter counter to stop the impeachment; on the other hand, he sees the only opportunity for a second wind with this transitory retreat, delay the outcome of the investigations that he is targeted, waiting for better conditions for his military coup.

            However, in 2020 Brazil, any lasting truce is an impossibility. The unstable armistice at the summits of this old reactionary state can not even make up a crisis of biblical dimensions on the sanitarian, political and economical spheres. The World Bank, unsuspected of leftism, foresee a recession of almost two digits on the Brazilian Gross Domestic Product this year, and the shocking rate of 25 million unemployed (underemployed not included) until December. Whoever walk around the Brazilian cities, now that the easing of social isolation began (which is as clumsy and chaotic as was its imposition), notice that many stores are still closed. No official decree prevent them from opening: they simply found out they are bankrupt, subjugated to the inexorable decree of imperialism economy, which suppresses the most fragile proprietors at each new crisis, always favoring the monopolist corporations. As these small and medium are the ones that employ the most – and the ones that pay taxes – one can see the devastating impact of this economic massacre.

            At the same time, a meeting of various leaders that ranges all official political hues, named “Rights Now” took place this week. It is dreadful to see figures such as FHC [Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former president], defeatist and notorious agent of finance capital, swinging this “progressive” banner, being worshiped by all the occasional humanitarian. What can be said of Luciano Huck, a lousy cheater of poor people, that, as a matter of fact, has no political ballast except the reticent coupling of Rede Globo and a dozen millionaire businessmen? This camp represents the mutilated, seignorial old democracy that ended up in Bolsonaro.

The “democracy” of land monopoly, of privatization of public services, of the genocide of the poor and black youth as well as the peasants, quilombola and indigenous peoples, of impunity to the torturers of yesterday and today. To march with this rabble is, in the end, to favor Bolsonaro, it is to allow him to assume alone, once more, the counterpoint figure “to all that is there”. And, as always, Haddad, Flávio Dino and other opportunists are there to provide a social color to this stinky and rotten liberalism, given the semi-colonial and semi-feudal parody it is. This front is born dead and is, at most, a kind of vanguard of backwardness. The consequent democrats have nothing to do there.

            On the side of the combative classist people’s movement, there is only one acceptable tactic: the closest bond with the deep masses of our people, the defense of their immediate demands, the strengthening of their base organizations and, on this work, the elevation of its class consciousness. Here or there, in all concrete issues, one can work jointly with other forces, given that it never compromises the political independence of the proletariat and its hegemony over the other people’s classes. Let us always remember the warning of Lenin concerning the liberal bourgeoisie: today (i.e. when it wants to attract the people), radicals, republicans; tomorrow (i.e. when they want to discard the people’s alliance), treason, executions.

            The payback is near and its core will not be the clash between the old bourgeois democracy and fascism (which does not mean that the far-right could not attain temporary protagonism here and there, which would only accelerate the irreversible process of reactionarization of the demo-liberal regimes, with the increasing hypertrophy of the Executive), but between the old bourgeois-latifundio landowner dictatorship (either its fascist form or with a reactionary demo-liberal mask) and the new democracy of the worker-peasant alliance, which is, due to its content, the only authentic democracy, and every passing day the only possible one, because it is the government of the immense majority. And around these two poles – or these two paths – that the other forces of society will gather because these are the classes whose interests are irreconcilable in the 21th century. Just as contemporary history has proven exhaustively, there is no middle path.