During the tempestuous times in which the world is going through, the massive protests that crossed the whole world, as a powder fuse track, were enough to move the oppressed of the Earth to shake the old imperialist order upside down. The spark was the broadcast torture and slaughter of the black unemployed worker in Minneapolis, United Stated of America, the so much revered sanctuary of democracy of capital. From the bowels of the sole hegemonic superpower, in lightning speed and with thunder power, the masses launched into the air the emblematic harbinger of new times.

The press monopolies of our country were quick to condemn the violent explosions of the black population’s rage, which spread throughout the North-American cities and capitals of the whole world. And, more than repeating their merely moralist hypocrite libels of condemnation of such ignoble crime of racism, which is crystallized by centuries in daily life, the extraordinary repercussion of the events were, as always, underlined against “vandalism” of “a few”. So, what could we say regarding the “vandalism” of white, black, Asian, and Latin people in London, regarding removing a bronze statue of a slave trader that was erected in a public plaza for more than a century and kept until the providential cleanse?

After the days of explosive rage, the reactionary chores of the press monopolies gathered the cackles of the heralds of post-modernism, as if in a triumphant celebration of love and forgiveness, due to the protests being transformed into peaceful, but not pacifist, performances. Which, not for that, in many places, mostly in North-American cities, made herds of pigs cease harassing demonstrators with their usual protocol of pepper gas, tear gas and beatings, despite arrests.

It is certain that the just rejection to racism in society, in the whole world, is latent, but the reactions and explosions of revolts against it do not take place every day, as the contemptible manifestations of it, including the acts of brutallity and murders of black people by white cops, not only in the USA, are daily.

This time, the protests in the USA reached magnitudes that were not seen since the decade of 1960, when the murder of the leader of the struggle for civil rights, Luther King, took place. This is why the press monopolies, the electioneering parties and the bourgeois intellectuals everywhere tried to remark the facts centering on their condemnation only to racism. An attempt to destroy the gigantic protests of any class character and rejection to the system of imperialist exploitation and oppression, which are the standard-bearers and what maintains, feeds and reproduces this infamous plague.

What happens is that, what has determined the world magnitude of the protests and its radicalization was the context of the tremor of the colossal imperialist crisis, crossed by the Covid-19 pandemics, that stripped the nature and the genocidal action of this historically outdated system. However, the ones that think that, in this epoch, the same way as before, keep making truth out of lies are wrong; the ones who think they would be able to manipulate and fool using parliamentary cretinism of the electoral sham and the domestication of the people’s protests are wrong. Eluded are the ones that expect the waves of protests to be peaceful only because, starting in certain moment of the violent charges, the protests tend to repose itself seeking greater organizational character for continuing the struggle. This is a law of the mass actions during days of struggle. It is when the firefighters of class struggle, who are not able to ride the masses, come with the appeals of peace and non-violence to castrate their revolutionary power that emanates from the class contradictions. Violence in mass actions are not a goal in itself, it is the only instrument that the masses count on to confront and win over the violence of its oppressors and exploiters.

This is the very reason why the curfews in the US were futile. As well as Trump showing his fangs with threats of throwing, against the demonstrators, the genocidal Armed Forces, mass murderers of oppressed peoples and nations of the world. He was even further isolated in society to the point that notorious and dissimulated reactionaries, like Bush Jr. and Obama, despite the current Secretary of Defense and the General (former commander of the Yankee troops during the occupation and plunder of Afghanistan), insist on stating position against the buffoon. Trump already sniff defeat in the elections at the end of the year. Not different has happened with his menial Bolsonaro. In a duet with Mourão, he pointed out a new international conspiracy to remove them from the Planalto [political center of the country], when the masses started retaking the streets, defying the pandemics and the hordes of “milicianos” [Militia gangs, criminal former policemen] and repressive forces, against Bolsonaro and his military government, against the coup and fascism. They have only began.

The imperialists are engaged in making people believe that their colossal crisis was due to the pandemics, but they can not hide the seriousness of the situation in which they are stuck. The division and strife at its core are generalizing, and even after imposing the most brutal measures of exploitation and cutting rights and restriction of democratic liberties to the workers, they can not easily avoid the catastrophe that draws near. The revolutionary situation that was unequally developing throughout the whole world gave a great step forward. Not only the crisis of its economy is deeply shaken, the political crisis of domination shows itself in the majority of the countries. The masses that seemed asleep and concretely put in isolation by the pandemics, in a finger-snap, they have broken the chains and took the streets in the whole world with closed fists pointing, in a way or another, against the old decrepit order.

Nothing, these days, was more significant to symbolize what is going on in the world today than the words of the little daughter of Floyd facing the explosions of protests: “My father changed the world!”, or the words of his nephew, at his funeral: “No justice, no peace!”. The most particular meaning and importance they wanted to express have no importance anymore. They have grasped the charged atmosphere in which revolution is incubated, they catalyze it, thus announce new times. Even though they may not get the dimension of the process of changes universal history is entering and the tempestuous social storms that will take place in the following years and decades, although a lot of water still has to flow under the bridge of history, all this protracted process will give birth to the New World.


source: https://www.anovademocracia.com.br/noticias/13693-harbinger-of-new-times