Here we publish a preliminary and unofficial translation "LCP denounces attacks of repression and propagates the peasant resistance in RO", published by A Nova Democracia.


LCP denounces attacks of repression and propagates the peasant resistance in RO

Down with the militarization of the Amazon! Enough of the devastation by the landlords!



In Rondonia, the reactionary armed forces carried out several repressive actions with the military police and SEDAM (State Secretariat for Environmental Development) in various places.

On 19 May, the people, tired of so much abuse, humiliation, persecution and repression, beat back the oppressive forces in the Jacinópolis region, Nova Mamoré district. The drop that broke the camel's back was the arrest of a family (a man, a woman and a child) and (the confiscation) of the motorcycles of the inhabitants.

The inhabitants of the region mobilized and tried to prevent the confiscation of the motorcycles and to free the imprisoned family, which was brought to the police station. The road was blocked in several places by trees and the destruction of bridges. This forced the police officers to seek refuge and spend the night in the forest. The next day, after sending police reinforcements, dozens of residents tried to set up another blockade on foot and on motorcycles. The police used pepper spray, bombs and shots. Residents reacted with stones. After many unsuccessful attempts, the police fled from the pursuit by the angry residents.

Troops of the reactionary army are still in the area. But the people of Jacinópolis have already shown countless signs of readiness to fight and will continue to resist the offensives against the fight for land and the attempts to drive them out of these areas. They will continue to fight to defend their rights to work and live in dignity.



On line 29 A, in the district of Nova Dimensão, about 30 km from União Bandeirantes, farmers from the Dois Amigos area resisted another attack by Latifundium and its armed gangs. At the end of April, the armed men broke through a fence erected by the farmers and opened fire on families in the area with large calibre weapons. According to the farmers, the landowner's armed gang had the involvement of the police, who supported the attack from the estate and set fire to several huts in the area.

This was not the first attack on these families, who have been fighting for this land since 2014 and have made the firm decision to cultivate and produce the land without being dependent on the agrarian reform of the long-bankrupt government.

This time the farmers not only resisted another attack by the armed gang of the large landowner, who were covered by the police, but also took the rest of the farm and completely destroyed the facilities of the headquarters.



In May, the fascist Bolsonaro and his government of generals started the operation of the reactionary forces "Green Brazil 2", which, under the pretext of fighting deforestation and fires in the Amazon, in reality aims at waging war against the people, especially poor peasants, small and medium owners.

Such an operation is part of the preventive counter-revolutionary coup plan that is underway in the country and is led by the Armed Forces High Command (ACFA). Through GLO decrees ("guarantee of law and order"), they are trying to station troops of the reactionary armed forces in the so-called legal Amazon region, which covers 59% of the Brazilian territory.

These actions are led by the National Council of Legal Amazonia, which is headed by General and Vice-President Mourão and which gives the armed forces the power over all operations directed against "environmental crimes", land occupations, "illegal logging" and fires. In addition to the direct deployment of the reactionary armed forces, the various environmental agencies and the various police forces of the states involved (Acre, Rondônia, Mato Grosso and Pará) are deployed and placed under the command of the military during operations.

Any "environmental" and patriotic discourse on the defense of the "environment" and the fight against "environmental crime" in the Amazon region is only a smoke screen. In fact, it serves the interests of the imperialist powers who are most responsible for the destruction of the natural environment in the world by greedily exploiting the natural resources and striving for maximum profit. What hides the discourse of the "preservation" of the Amazon is the greed of the imperialist monopolies for our wealth, and for this reason, they manage and act in different ways to expel, suppress and render impracticable any economic initiative that does not serve their capitals. They want the natural wealth to remain intact and under their control so that they can exploit it when it is cheapest, while covering the major soya bean, reed, mining and hydroelectric projects. Take the example of the Jamari national forest in Itapoã D'Oeste, Rondônia, which after years of "conservation" was simply handed over to large foreign timber companies for "sustainable" use.



The government acts with two weights and measures. They do not evaluate the measures of oppression of the peasants, other workers, small and medium owners of these regions. If a farmer takes a bark to make tea or kills a paca to feed himself, he is treated like a criminal and suffers under all the "strictness of the law". But not the same severity applies to landlords, large logging companies and mining companies. Just look at the example of the mining company Vale, which is terrifying (cheaper and therefore much more insecure) the population of entire cities threatened by the dam bursting, which on more than one occasion has killed hundreds of people after the dam burst, has also caused colossal damage to the natural environment, destroyed rivers, and affected valleys and entire regions. There is no rigour, no punishment and no punishable complicity against these powerful companies.

Even with these "environmental" activities in the countryside, the landlords, the big timber companies and the big mining companies have been going unscathed for decades and even more under the current government. And all the repression is being carried out on the backs of small and medium-sized enterprises.



The current pandemic situation has led to the bankruptcy of the public health system and the inability of this old state and its changing governments to solve the slightest problems in favour of the people. The daily tragedies and evils suffered by the people have only increased. In addition to the death of tens of thousands of people, the general collapse is also increasing unemployment and the misery of our people.

The naked truth is only one: The coronavirus pandemic has triggered the general crisis of capitalism (crisis of relative overproduction - more goods than people in a state of purchasing power), exposed the cruelty of this system, in which more than 90% of the world's population have nothing and survive under worse conditions than when humanity had developed less scientific knowledge. The social inequality is astronomical, the richest 1% of the population holding 67% of the world's wealth. And it is only getting worse by leaps and bounds, the rich are getting richer and richer while poverty is only increasing. If it were not for the pandemic, this crisis would, in one way or another, break out sooner rather than later.

The government of Bolsonaro and the generals, servants of the interests of the latifundum, the big bourgeoisie and imperialism, especially the Yankees (United States), are taking advantage of the situation of the pandemic to strengthen the measures for over-exploitation of the workers. The government is pleased that the disease is advancing throughout the territory, in a real genocide that it and the press monopolies have bred as inevitable, and is concluding the "welfare reform" with the death of thousands of elderly and sick people, while at the same time, with the crumb of R$ 600.00, it wants to keep the people at home isolated and demobilized. The fascist Bolsonaro defends the end of the "inevitable isolation" only because he sees that other sectors of the bourgeoisie want to sink their already failed government,and because he doesn't care if the people will die or not.

For fear of the growth of the just popular uprising, they are preventively intensifying the repression and criminalization of the popular struggle and preparing a real war against the people.

In recent times, in addition to the threat of the pandemic which is hovering over the indigenous peoples and which has already begun to claim victims, the unpunished crimes committed by the Latifundians in their territories and the murders of their leaders have increased.

They are taking advantage of the just demands of many masses on the land to regulate their possessions in order to deceptively conduct a campaign of "land regulation" whose main aim is to legitimise the occupation of public land by the landlords of Latifundium.

The judiciary continues to be active in the dispatches against the interests of the indigenous peoples, quilombolas and farmers. The expulsion and attack operations in new and old peasant areas have increased enormously. And unlike in former times, when the reactionary army was indirectly, secondarily or only covertly involved in these operations, it is increasingly actively participating in both the operative and the direct operations against the peasants.



Today the generals rule directly, rule and destroy the country and present themselves as saviours of the homeland. But they have been the guardians of this system all along. They are a privileged minority and responsible for the maintenance of this whole system of exploitation, injustice, suffering of the people and subjugation of the nation. It is they who, with bayonets and cannons, maintain and support this rotten and obsolete system, who, with iron, fire and blood, have destroyed all the attempts of our people to carry out a popular democratic revolution, the only way to remove from power these mafias of parasites and bloodsuckers of the people and the nation, who have pushed Brazil to the edge of the abyss we have reached.

But they are wrong to believe that they will always defeat the people. They are wrong if they believe that they will end the struggle for land with expulsions, persecutions, repression and killings. Latifundium is the most backward in our country: they are land thieves, murderers of the indigenous people and squatters, one of the pillars that for centuries have maintained the rule of imperialism over our nation, occupying most of the land for the production of soya, cattle, sugar cane, eucalyptus and mining for export with public funding, without paying taxes and destroying the natural environment with impunity.

As long as the system of landowners exists, the poor farmers with little or no land, squatters, indigenous people and quilombolas affected by dams, mining and eucalyptus will continue to resist and the struggle will not stop. And by persevering in the struggle, by learning and drawing lessons from the defeats suffered, the people know the way to victory.

Brazil is on the brink of a civil war, the fascists of Bolsonaro are frightened and are provoking in the streets with the flags of counterrevolution with the support of these reactionary generals and bootlickers of the United States and its armed forces trained in massacring our unarmed people. This time it will not be like that anymore, the people will react to the exaggeration! The world is shaken by the failure of imperialism, the masses are rising up all over the world, let's take a look at the United States. Here too, sooner or later the agrarian revolution will take root and the peasants of Brazil, united with the working class and other workers and the youth and women of the people, will rise in violent rebellions. The day will come when the Brazilian people will see their salvation and that of Brazil in a great revolution of a new democracy, which will sweep away this rotten and genocidal system of exploitation and oppression and begin to build an independent nation and a new Brazil.

Conquer the country, destroy the Latifundium!

Enough of the oppression and land grabbing by the landlords!

Down with the government of the generals and their fascist protégé Bolsonaro!

Land for those who work on it!

Down with the military fascist coup!

Long live the democratic revolution!

National Commission of the League of Poor Peasants of Brazil