Comrades in Mexico developing their work and published a video regarding the struggle against the pandemy and issued the following:

The burden of the economic crisis and the health emergency is being placed on the people's shoulders. In the main cities, health services have collapsed, and in the countryside they simply do not exist. Four long decades of privatization and dismantling of public health show its clear consequences. The remedy of the "new government" at the head of the old state is a return to the "new normal" and the militarization of the country.



In light of this, we are forming Health and Hygiene Committees in Defense of the People. Their work consists of providing accurate information and class solidarity among the population, carrying out prevention, sanitation, awareness and organization actions to preserve the health and life of the people.

Maintaining in the just struggles is a task.
The pandemic does not cancel our struggle!
Respect and fulfillment of our Five Central Points!