Since the beginning of the week there are fights against the curfews and for the supply of food everywhere in Chile, especially in the Capital Santiago.

Due to the strict restrictions on going out, a large part of the people cannot do their work or obtain monetary means to earn a subsistence, which means that the people are starving.  But there is increasing resistance against this.

The protests began on Monday in the community of El Bosque, near Santiago. Angry protesters erected barricades and set tiers to fire. The deployed police forces attacked the masses with water cannons and tear gas, the people answered with stones. Furthermore, a meat shop was looted. In the following night more barricades were erected and set to fire in several districts of Santiago and two busses were also torched.
In the course of the week there were repeated reports of further protests in the country.

More than 53,000 people have been infected so far, and the number of new infections per day now exceeds 4,000. There are hardly any intensive care beds in the hospitals anymore, which is why patients are flown out of the capital to hospitals in other regions.
There are particularly many infections in the poor quarters of Santiago, because there is not enough living space and people live very close together. The government has also passed a law that allows employers to dismiss employees without notice or suspend their contract without pay. One and a half million people have lost their jobs since then.”

Although the government has promised food aid packages for the poor, but these do not reach everywhere and are not sufficient.