Here we publish a preliminary and unofficial translation of the text "PRONCUNCIAMIENTO" from the STUDENT'S ASSOCIATION OF THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF HUANCAVELICA about the exploitation of corona by the reaction




The glorious student association of the UNH sends its warm and fraternal greetings to all the people of Huancavelica, while expressing the following:

The world is in a great crisis, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic and is claiming lives worldwide. In Peru too! In Peru, the corona virus has exposed the very poor situation of the health and education systems in the country, and at the same time exposed the corrupt government of Vizcarra which, although disguised as the "Father of Benefactors", with the laws it proclaims, is bringing enormous benefits to the large corporations organized in CONFIEP, by arming the AFPs and distributing only the crumbs to the poor who, because of the narrowness of Lima, are not dying of Covid-19: they are dying of hunger.

In Huancavelica, according to INEI (2019), 90% of the population lives from informal work and receives neither a monthly salary nor CTS or other benefits. The imprisonment caused by the state of emergency therefore leaves them no possibility of earning an economic income to cover their daily expenses, much less university costs.

For this reason, FEUNH applied to the University Council on May 6 of this year for exemption from registration fees for the academic semester 2020-1. However, the principal Nicasio Valencia and the vice-principal with salaries of more than 20,000 deposits rejected our request, showing their inhuman and reckless side towards our comrades who live in extreme poverty day after day. On the other hand, the policy that SUNEDU is implementing also highlights the lack of university education, as the majority do not have access to the Internet to take courses.

We therefore call on the entire population of Huancavelica to join us and, given the serious situation in which the students and the population in general find themselves, to show their opposition to the lethargic university authorities.

We demand an exemption from the registration fees!

We demand that the benefits of internet access be made available to all students!

No more Christmas baskets or ternos for authorities, teachers and administrative staff!

Let the meetings of the university councils be public!
Demand that the MEF grant additional credits for the emergency plan!

Long live the students of the UNH!

Long live the glorious FEAR!

Down with the principal and vice-principals!

Huancavelica, May 8, 2020.