Here we publish a preliminary and unofficial translation of a text by "Sol Rojista" from Mexico.

Chihuahua, Mexico. Villagers and community members in Delicias and Camargo have defied the restrictions imposed by the federal and state governments regarding the coronavirus pandemic, it is right to rebel.

On March 26, they took to the streets en masse in opposition to the water being drained from the La Boquilla Dam. Precisely taking advantage of the health crisis, the old state opened the compounds of this dam to strip thousands of peasants of the vital liquid in order to comply with the so-called "International Water Treaty of 1944" that imposes the payment of this natural resource to the imperialist government of the United States every year, to the detriment of the national sovereignty and food sovereignty of the people of Mexico. The inhabitants set fire to official vehicles of the National Guard, Federal Police and CONAGUA; after harsh confrontations, they managed to make the government of the republic recede in its intentions, forcing the governor of Chihuahua to abandon all responsibility. The repressive apparatus of the regime used tear gas, rubber bullets, firearms, official vehicles of the CFE and CONAGUA, and armored vehicles to run over the people; none of this deterred the people in struggle. It should be noted that in the north of the republic this is the second major water fight recorded this month; first the victory against Constellation Brands in Mexicali, Baja California, and now against the plundering in La Boquilla, Chihuahua. The campesinos in the north of the country are also waking up to the struggle for land and water, just as the poor peasantry in the south is.