After the demolition of more than 130 homes and stores in Operation “Zero Tolerance” by reactionary mayor Marcelo Crivella, on March 10, in the Rio das Pedras community,  Paramilitaries began to sell the property of the displaced people.

We already reported on the demolish and displacement in the Rio das Pedras community on Thursday, March12.

Despite the heroic resistance of the residents, the houses and small shops could not be defended. Now several witnesses report that paramilitaries are selling the property from the destroyed houses on the black market. If the residents and traders want to rebuild their homes and shops they have to buy their property  again from the paramilitary hands.

This clearly shows the reactionary terror of the old Brazilian state against the people. The only way to stop these terror is to seize the power to the hands of the people. The power comes from the barrel of the guns.