We publish an unofficial, approximate, preliminary translation of an article by comrades from Mexico.

Leftist feminist organizations have once again unified an action plan to confirm International Women's Day. Of course, the People's Women's Movement is present and confirms the history and nature of this day, International Working Women's Day, which has been 110 years since it was agreed as such at the Second International Socialist Women's Conference in Copenhagen, led by the great communist Clara Zetkin.

Three campaign days have been agreed for these days.

Friday March 6th. Collective measures taken by the Attorney General of the State of Oaxaca to denounce gender-based violence, feminicides, and the complicity of the law with those who attack, enslave, rape, and murder women, recalling that gender-based violence has increased by 137% in Mexico and there are 10 femicides a day. According to the comrades of the feminist organization "Consorcio Oaxaca", 405 feminicides are registered in Oaxaca under the government of Alejandro Murat.

Saturday March 7th. Installation of a cultural bazaar, feminist workshops and a cinematic debate in the Alameda de León in the heart of the city.

Sunday March 8th. Forum: The participation of women in the class struggle in the Alameda de León. Demonstration on March 8th to Mother Monument to the Zocalo.

During these three days, women's organizations will spread propaganda, articles, texts, and feminist combat material.

We share some of the pictures of the comrades of the MFP.

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