Since days, the Ecuadorian people are fighting bitterly against the old semi-feudal and semi-colonial state and imperialism.


The imperialists use the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the puppet regime of Lenin Moreno to enforce their interests in Ecuador. Already in the past, the IMF called for the elimination of subsidies for fuel, reduction of pensions, increase in weekly working hours, lower wages for workers and general savings in the public sector - in short, abolish everything that the working class of Ecuador has fought hard.


With Lenin Moreno, the imperialists have found someone who likes to meet their demands. While the living conditions of the peasants and the working class continue to worsen under the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism, the ruling class bathes in wealth and increases it still at the expense of the oppressed.


But the people are no longer willing to accept oppression and exploitation. Since the beginning of the week there has been heavy protests and fightings against the old state and its repressive forces. The protests began with a strike of the truck drivers. On Thursday, October 3, the protesters paralyzed the entire country, shops, authorities, and schools were closed. Two days earlier, Moreno had announced a billion dollar austerity program. One key issue is the deletion of decades of fuel subsidies in the oil-rich country. In the future, $ 1.3 billion will be saved each year. On Thursday, the price of gas rose from $ 1.85 per gallon (about 3.78 liters) to 2.30. The price of diesel doubled. That brought the cask to overflow.

Bildergebnis für clashes ecuador barricades

Everywhere in the country important roads and highways were blocked and barricades were erected and set on fire. In many places, the masses fought resolutely against the police, throwing stones and molotov cocktails. The cops are trying to stifle the justified rebellionwith with extreme brutality. In addition, goods were confiscated and distributed to the masses.

In response to the protests, the government declared a statewide state of emergency for two months. So the freedom of movement can be restricted and a censorship of the media imposed. Soldiers can be deployed in public places, ports, airports and borders can be closed. Which did not prevent the people from going back to the streets and continuing the fight.