Under the guise of firefighting, the old Brazilian state sent the army to Rondônia, followed by white terror.

On September 7, dozens of national forces landed in the Enilson area, near Seringueiras, Rondônia, and stayed there for a week. The reason for this military occupation was the pretext of firefighting. The Brazilian state claimed to have mobilized the country's army to fight the huge Amazon forest fires imposed by the landlords, with the support of the old state.

The reality, however, showed something very different, what many had expected, reactionary terror. The armed forces searched countless homes without search warrants, threatening the people, raping women. They also seized hunting rifles and sought information about the LCP (Association of Poor Peasants), especially about the cadres. This terror aims to denounce the LCP's struggle and break the people's resistance, but in vain.

Area Enilson Ribeiro RO 3

In Rondônia, in 2018, several hundred farmers occupied fallow land to cultivate this land. The old Brazilian state intends to expel the families from their land to give it to the landlords and to weaken the struggle of the oppressed classes. But the new democratic revolution and the socialist revolution can not be stopped, by no one, the class struggle will only end with the victory of communism.