Below we share this report sent by young revolutionaries who support the struggle for land:

In the north of Cauca, as in many other parts of the country, peasants and indigenous people fight for land to work, for some years they have decided to take land from the rich of our country, landowners who do not move a finger, who enrich themselves on the costs of the work of the poor.

In this fight the peasants and indigenous people have had to face the armed forces of the State numerous times, who defend the landowners and the great rich.

On June 6, the armed forces arrived at the Vista Hermosa farm to carry out an eviction. They tortured and killed Jefferson. The facts were vile, as does the State of the rich, of the exploiters.

Young fighters, with fair anger towards the State and its armed forces, sought to prevent the ESMAD (Mobile Anti-Riot Squadron), the police and others from advancing and destroying their shacks and crops.

The ESMAD bombarded them with gases and stunners, these young peasants were surrounded in the middle of the gases, the ESMAD was approaching and fired (it was 11:30 in the morning), at this time comrade Jefferson Trochez was wounded by a bullet, the other comrades tried to take it out as much as they could, but because of the gases and pressure of the ESMAD, which was getting closer, they were forced to flee, otherwise the dead would be more. The ESMAD went to where comrade Jefferson had fallen and there they finished him: they dragged him, hit him, hit him with his own machete (he had a machete wound on his neck).

The murderous armed forces, villains of the people, enemies of the people, serve the rich, and the life of a peasant matters nothing to them, the life of the young peasant did not hurt them, it was not difficult for them to wield their rifle against the peasant, they did not hesitate when they took the peasant's machete and hit him in the neck.

The community tried to get to where the comrade was, but the armed forces prevented them, of course! Hiding the murder they had committed! The mother sought to get to her son, but they surrounded the area, continued to shoot gas and no one could approach.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, 4 hours later, Jefferson could be picked up, already lifeless. They injured him, tortured him, prevented him from being helped. All this in front of the community, who from the top knew that Jefferson was there, heard the shots, saw the gases surrounding the young people, saw the attempt to return for one that stayed, but they could not; the community knew that they were surely beating him, but they couldn't do anything.

This act shows, on the one hand, the role of the armed forces, which defends the property and interests of the rich and vilely assassinate the people. On the other hand, it shows that the struggle for land is a threat to the rich, they tremble when the peasantry gets up, they try to stop them with their bullets, torture, but they will not succeed because the peasantry is stronger and firmer, it has risen many times and gets up every day, in many corners of our country, to fight for land for those who work it!

And let them tremble more, because the poor peasantry, the landless peasants rise and will rise and tear all the land from the hands of the miserable landowners, exploiters and murderers of the people. That and only that is the way of the peasants!

Jefferson Trochez, here in the fight!

Honor and glory to the heroes of the people!

The land for those who work it!

For Jefferson and all the fallen comrades in the fight for the land! Take all the land of the latifundium!