On 26 July, a demonstration was held in Bogotá on the Plaza de Bolívar. Thousands participated in the demo, which was accompanied by police in armored vehicles. The demonstration denounced the assassination of fighters of the people, with two groups standing out. For one, the group of bureaucratic leaders of the unions and the broad bank of opportunists who in a few weeks will legitimize the state with their elections that trotted behind the demo.

26 julio marcha lideres sociales 2
On the other hand, a group of young revolutionaries who broke the passivity and pacifism of the demonstration, shouting slogans like: "Murdered fighters of the people HERE IN THE FIGHT!" "Long live the popular struggle, down with the election farce! ", "The peace of the rich is war against the people!"
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26 julio marcha lideres sociales 9

A month earlier, on June 8, the day of revolutionary students was commemorated. It is commemorated annually after a 1922 demonstration against a massacre by the Chiquita Brands International (then United Fruit Company) of plantation workers by bulls Gonzalo Bravo Pérez and, on the other hand, in 1954 at a demonstration commemorating them shooting the bulls at the students and Uriel Gutierreez murder. The next day, nine other comrades are killed in a demonstration against this murder.

Accordingly, demonstrations are be held on June 8 and 9, and the comrades of the Revolutionary Student Movement of the People (Movimiento Estudiantil Rebelde y Popular -Meryp) also participated.