Increasing in magnitude and strength, protests against the planned project to open up a new copper mine in the region of Arequipa, Peru, intensified significantly the last days. Following earlier protests, such as the actions from the 15th of July, now clashes with the police have intensified, as protesters again occupied major traffic arteries in the area, already causing supply shortage.

According to bourgeoisie reactionary press, the situation in the region of  Arequipa continues to be tense also in the 8th day of indefinite strike. Due to protesters having blocked the most important highways and connecting streets, since Monday gas stations, for example, face the situation of running out of supply, as protesters have successfully managed to block of all roads for some days.

The protest is directed against the so-called “Tía María” mining project planned by the US-capital backed Southern Copper Corporation (SCC) some years ago and it is not for the first time, that the struggle of the people to prevent it has taken sharp forms: As the peasants and people of the region are aware, how the proposed copper-mine will harm the basis for their livelihoods through pollution, seizure of lands, etc. they do not relent, although Police already before brutally tried to subdue to protest. Against the most recent attacks by the police to disperse the just protest of the people of Arequipa protesters remain combative and organized, mounting effective resistance against them and wounding for policemen in latest confrontations.

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