In a big show of force, comrades from Sol Rojo in Mexico have mobilized, outside of their most vocal base of support that is Oaxaca, for a manifestation last Monday in the Capitol of Mexico, Mexico City. This demonstration, carried out after country wide mobilization, is part of the 3rd phase within the campaign for justice and people's rights.


Mexiko Phase 3 Mobilisierung


In the mobilization in preparation of this important day of struggle, the comrades highlight:

This national mobilization forms part of the qualitative path towards the formation of the Revolutionary Front that organizes and directs the struggles of the broad popular masses throughout the country under the class line of the proletariat and the poor peasantry.”


Pictures and images taken in the streets of Mexico City on the 8th of this month show the extend of the successfull mobilisation by the comrades: hundreds of red flags waving in the skys, banners raised in the streets spreading the international campaigns #DrSernasPresentationConVida and #JusticiaParaLuisArmando, government offices blocked off, and the likenesses of political prisioners – such as Chairman Gonzalo and G.N.Saibaba – put up at bus stops.


Mexiko Phase 3 Mobilisierung 1


Mexiko Phase 3 Mobilisierung 2


Mexiko Phase 3 Mobilisierung 3


Mexiko Phase 3 Mobilisierung 4


Mexiko Phase 3 Mobilisierung 5