On the occasion of April 9, Day of the Heroes of the Brazilian People, we reproduce a note that was published by the AND staff in April last year.

April 9th is the Day of the Heroes of the Brazilian People. The date was thus declared by a proposal of the Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the People´s Rights (FRDDP) and assumed by the popular and democratic movements of the countryside and the city.

The chosen day is a tribute to the great revolutionary and peasant leader Renato Nathan Gonçalves Pereira. On April 9, 2012, Renato was cowardly tortured and executed in an ambush designed by henchmen serving latifundium, in collusion with the police forces of the old bourgeois-latifundium state.

The FRDDP has chosen this day to honor men and women who gave their lives and fought, resolutely and conscientiously, for the emancipation of our people and for the Revolution of a New Democracy uninterrupted to Socialism.

Besides Renato, we can mention other great examples of heroes and heroines of the Brazilian people who contributed enormously to the resumption of the revolutionary movement in Brazil. Outstanding are Cleomar Rodrigues, Élcio, Gilson, Luiz Lopes and Zé Bentão, all leaders of the LCP. In the city, the great revolutionary leader Sandra Lima - one of the founders of the FRDDP and one of the main formulators of the line of the People´s Women Movement - and the workers who had fallen in the battlefield of the Red Flag Village in 1999, in the city of Betim (metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte), as well as many others.

In a statement made in 2016, the FRDDP calls for their names to be glorified and for all revolutionary activists to arm themselves "mightily with their unfading examples." "Being more determined and resolute in giving life to our struggle and revolution is a matter of paramount importance to all and every fighter of the people, with more and more audacity, to sustain and develop them, facing and defeating the hysteria of the counterrevolution, all its truculence that we know in the history of our people and that surely, more and more, we will have to face and to overcome ".

"It is a decisive question for all revolutionaries who are determined to reject electoral opportunism and to struggle to rebuild the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party to unleash the revolutionary armed struggle and, through the People's War, to carry out the Agrarian and Anti-imperialist Democratic Revolution, to conquer the Republic of a New Democracy, uninterruptedly going through Socialism and serving the World Revolution. ", Says the FRDDP.

On this date, thousands of revolutionary militants and communists celebrate the Day of the Heroes of the Brazilian People.

Translated from A Nova Democracia website.