After more than 400 huts were demolished in a settlement near Massaranduba in Salvador and the inhabitants were displaced earlier this year, more than 200 affected families still live on the streets. On Wednesday, March 20, there were protests from the displaced people.


At the end of January, the old Brazilian state began demolishing the barracks in a poor neighborhood in Massarnaduba, Salvador, the capital of Bahia state, northeastern Brazil. Responsible here was the Urban Development Corporation of the State of Bahia (Conder). This was supported by a large contingent of military police, who injured several people by tear gas and rubber bullets in the suppression of the resistance of the residents, including a pregnant woman.


On January 31, then suddenly a big fire spread in the emergency quarters of displaced persons, who accuse Conder of arson. The fire broke out shortly after Conder employees fenced the neighborhood with barbed wire. Already the previous year, residents of another district were intimidated by Conder to leave the land, a day later two huts were burning. So far, only half of those affected have found a new accommodation.
On Tuesday, March 12, 60 more barracks were demolished in Estrutural, Brasília state. In response, the former residents blocked an important main road and built a barricade.