The submissive and motherlad seller Jair Bolsonaro will sign a new agreement to hand over the Alcântara Military Base to the USA during his visit to Trump, which will take place between March 17 and 19. The Itamaraty confirmed the information. The base, currently used for launching rockets, is located in Maranhão and has long been coveted by the Yankee imperialists.


The concession agreement, called the "Technological Safeguards Agreement", will allow the USA to use it to launch rockets in exchange for a few coins. Not even the technology that the USA uses in the base will be accessible to the Brazilian government. Meanwhile, the Brazilian space program that is developed at the base will be frozen.

This is another measure of the anti-motherland government, and is part of a larger intervention by Yankee imperialism in the region.

Bolsonaro's intention, such boot-licker and lackey, is to humiliate the nation in the face of the USA and to transform Brazil from a semi-colonial condition to the protectorate status of the Yankees, isolating Brazil from its relationship with the rest of the world, which leave foreign exchange on imports of Brazilian products, such as China, Russia, the Arab world and Africa. Of course his intentions run into other forces.

In addition to the Alcantara base, Bolsonaro and the lackey reactionary imperialist prepare the hand over of our reserves of the pre-salt and mineral deposits of the Amazon, overriding the rights of indigenous peoples.


translated from A Nova Democracia.