Translated from the bulletin of Movimento Feminino Popular - Brazil.

We have witnessed in Brazil, in the last years, a vertiginous increase of all type of violence against the woman. Beatings, rapes carried out with all kinds of cruelty against adult, young and child women. Brazil is the fifth country in the world in the world ranking of the practice of feminicide. Between 2003 and 2013, the number of women who died in violent ways throughout Brazil increased by 21%, from 3,937 to 4,762. There are 13 violent deaths of women per day (numbers from the map of violence against women - 2015). According to data from the Brazilian Yearbook of Public Security, Brazil recorded 1 rape at home 11 minutes in 2015. According to the IPEA, about 70% of rape victims are children and adolescents. Data from the Ministry of Health of 2016 indicate that there are on average 10 collective rapes reported every day in the country's health system. In the city of São Paulo there is 1 rape in a public place every 11 hours. Other studies estimate that official figures represent only 10% of the total cases that actually occur. That is, Brazil can have the medieval rate of nearly half a million rapes each year.


Remis Carla, militant of MFP and MEPR, cowardly murdered by her ex-boyfriend in December 2017 in Recife.

These figures reveal to us that the so proclaimed "female sexual freedom" is nothing more than a demagogic discourse of defenders of this prevailing old order that is sold as democracy. The fact is that in our country the woman continues to be a victim of this patriarchal, sexist and misogynist society, being seen as the property of man, who must dispose of the feminine life as a good thing, as pure sexual object and domestic slave. The centuries-old naturalization of violence against women in our society, inherited from the same millenarian evil imposed by the old colonial order by the European conquerors, is so absurd that thousands of victims suffer for years without the slightest condition to defend themselves. There is the scandal of the so-called João de Deus, a landowner who controlled an entire city in the countryside of Goiás, with his economic power and its manipulation of religious faith and the helplessness of people, weakened by serious illnesses and their relatives. These situations were used by him to sexually abuse hundreds (who knows if thousands) of women, adolescents and children for more than 20 years in his "temple of healing." But nothing that the hierarchies of the Catholic Church (and others) have not practiced for centuries, covering up the rapists and abusers behind the mystique of God's mouthpieces.

The press monopoly and variants of the bourgeois and petty-bourgeois feminist groups demagogically presents this news by demonizing the men who commit these crimes as if they were the source of all evil, individualizing the problem and presenting as a solution the simple punishment of the perpetrators of such crimes. Even all the laws that the reactionary state creates to supposedly defend women, turn against them and only mask the solution of the problem. When they make complaints, the women of the people are treated in a humiliating way and sometimes they are even further vulnerable and exposed to all kinds of aggression. All this is done to hide that the origin of all this shocking scenario is the society divided into classes that have one of its main bases of support in female oppression and that is the capitalist system itself that educates men and women by instilling the chauvinists and patriarchal conceptions in their formation openly or sometimes more, sometimes less, dissimulated. We women of the people who suffer all kinds of abuse should not have any illusions about the reactionary state. We must guarantee our right to self-defense and organize ourselves independently to protect ourselves.


Women peasants participating on the construction of the worker-peasant alliance bridge construction in Para Terra, Varzelandia - Minas Gerais

In this world of domination and domination of monopolies, the imperialism of a handful of oppressive powers and superpowers on the one hand and the immense majority of oppressed nations on the other, societies which, through all their means of propaganda monopolized by the imperialists and the bourgeois and landowners lackey, continue to treat women as pure sexual object, reproducing the ideas of male superiority and lowering the human being condition of the women of the people, limiting their social practice. Our children and young people are all the time encouraged to eroticization. Prostitution is stimulated in every way and treated with glamour, like the Globo network with its programs and novels, it vanguards postmodernism which, at the same time as treats women as a sexual object, proclaims itself the guardian of sexual pseudoliberty , because it is pure degeneration. This incentive causes dozens of young people to focus their lives on the exacerbated concern about their own body. It is no coincidence that thousands of women are daily submitted to aesthetic procedures to fit as slaves of a beauty pattern dictated by this same system, which foment fabulous business if using the body of the woman as advertising of all their goods and also itself.


Studant and activist of the MFP that was arrested in a demonstration at Porto Velho - Rondonia in September 2018

Bourgeois and petty-bourgeois feminism advocates the union of all women against men and argues that the whole problem of oppression against women is the fruit of patriarchal society and its machismo. However, this is only a derivation of the economic base that has in the private ownership of the means of production and their support in the exploitation of the working classes. Women in the exploiting classes buy the relief of sexual oppression from the hands of proletarian and peasant women, exploiting them in production and as nannies and maids. In this way, women of the ruling classes are the only ones who can reach a condition similar to that of the man of their class within the framework of the capitalist system. That is why it is impossible to unite women regardless of their social class.

Encontro de mulheres munduruku reafirma caminho da luta JUL 2018

Munduruku Women´s Meeting reaffirm the path of struggle in Para, 2018

In addition to all sorts of prejudices to the condition of women, the macho culture and the brutalization resulting from the preaching of the churches that are the owners of the woman's body, imposing an absurd myth about reproduction, they condemn women to the obligation to carry a pregnancy to the end under any conditions. Thus millions of women in our country, under the circumstances of poverty and abandonment, are forced to clandestinely undergo abortion in the worst conditions, criminalized as is the interruption of gestation, condemned or imprisoned or serious consequences in their physical and mental health, when not to death. This is what the astonishing numbers of deaths, recognized even by the institutions of the old state, prove. All this shows that far from any illusory "empowerment," the gigantic contingent of working women does not even have the right to decide on their own body and find themselves trapped and surrounded on all sides and in all forms.

Ellan contra aumento tarifa sp 16 jan

Protest against the ticket rise in Sao Paulo, January 2019

The origin and cause of female oppression is private property and division of society into antagonistic classes, which is based on exploitation and oppression. For this reason, only the complete eradication of these factors and their replacement by new relations of production based on the collective ownership of the means of social production and distribution of wealth can lead to the emancipation of women by politically emancipating the working class and other working masses. That is, the social revolution of the proletariat - composed of men and women - for the establishment of socialism in transition to classless society, communism. To put an end to all oppression and violence against the women of the people we must strengthen the revolutionary class struggle for the destruction of this system of exploitation and oppression, building a new society that goes through the revolution of a New Democracy uninterrupted to socialism.

Manifestação durante o 8º Congresso da LCP do Norte de Minas e Sul da Bahia em Januária out2015