The Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples - CEBRASPO - stands in solidarity with the Venezuelan people for the aggressions it is suffering from US imperialism.

We repudiate the escalation of conflicts that culminated last Saturday, February 23 – under the pretext of humanitarian aid – in violation of international conventions on the subject, which highlight the impartiality and agreement between the parties in this type of aid, it is so that even the International Red Cross and UNESCO refused to participate because they identified it as a political farce.


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US imperialism is Behind everything, which is now headed by the Trump government in its attempt to dominate the oil reserves of the world. Under the guise of questioning the lack of "democracy" he has blatantly intervened in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and threatens Iran with the same argument. "Lack of democracy" that comes to mind when it comes to the most corrupt monarchies in the Middle East, but which are its allies, as is the case of Saudi Arabia.
Using internal traitors under the leadership of the puppet Guaidó, it stimulates a climate of internal disorder to justify the US military intervention that has been counted on the current management subordinated to the orders of the USA, meeting in the Group of Lima.
This direct aggression of Yankee imperialism, led by Trump-Pence, to change the government of Venezuela by one of the Yankee puppets, would imply the change of the semicolonial situation of Venezuela to the colonial one. These imperialists, in the name of the struggle against "dictatorship" and "democracy and freedom," try to subject the Venezuelan people to exclusive colonial slavery. It constitutes the most flagrant intimidation, interference, control, and aggression of the United States against an oppressed Third World nation, violating the national independence, sovereignty and national dignity of the country and the international legal order itself, which is an expression of its global hegemony, its Charter of the United Nations and the OAS.
To this end, economic attacks against Venezuela are still being used, seizing currencies based in North American and European banks, as a result of the semi-colonial condition of the country through its main and almost the only export product, oil, associated with foreign direct investment and increased financial dependence on Walt Street.
CEBRASPO is sympathetic to the preparation for national resistance against imperialist aggression, to join forces with the Venezuelan people in order to safeguard their national independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
We call on all Brazilian democratic forces to wage an internal struggle to prevent the country from embarking on an aggression against the people of Venezuela, which only favors Yankee imperialism, and is completely contrary to the solidarity that has always guided the relationship between the Latin American peoples, all oppressed by the semi-colonial situation that prevents them from justly enjoying the immense natural wealth and human productive capacities in our territories.



Translated from CEBRASPO website.