On Wednesday the 20th of Feabraur, workers demonstrated with the support of students and officials against the planned pension reform of fascist President Bolsonaros in several parts of Brazil. This reform, which aims to bring about drastic cuts and increase the retirement age, was submitted to the National Congress on Wednesday.

On the afternoon of February 20th, several thousand people demonstrated at the "Praça da Sé" (Square of the Sea) in downtown Sao Paulo. The protesters called for a general strike and a high-performance struggle of the workers against the fascist government and its supporters. Already in the morning residents of the municipality of Casimiro de Abreu in the state of Rio de Janeiro had built a barricade of car tires and ignited them. Through the barricade, traffic on the BR-101, an important highway, came to a complete standstill - a severe blow to the Brazilian state.

By the end of 2018, first militant protest against the pension reform had been formed. On December 27, protesters attempted to break the gate of the Senate building and storm the building, the police responded with tear gas, batons, and rubber bullets.

As the Deutsche Bank said Bolsonaro is the desired candidate of the markets and this shows his policy. But the objective deterioration of the living conditions of the exploited classes, as well as the growing repression and militarization, will only strengthen the anger and struggle of the Brazilian people.