Juan Guaidó said he did not rule out the possibility of a military intervention by Yankee imperialism in Venezuela. The intervention is a possibility, according to him, "if it is necessary to take Nicolas Maduro out of power," said the Yankee puppet in a statement given to the France Press agency on February 8.

Yankee imperialism (the first to recognize Juan Guiadó as "legitimate president" of Venezuela), headed by Donald Trump, had already considered that the use of the murderous US military in Venezuela is "an option."

Juan Guaidó has justified the Yankee plan of invasion and occupation of the country with the rhetoric of "saving the country from the political and economic crisis," just like all imperialist countries that pride themselves on squandering what they like to call "democracy."

However, when asked about the intervention of USA, Juan Guaidó misrepresents and states first that "we will do everything possible" to solve the internal crisis. "This is an obviously very controversial topic, but making use of our sovereignty, exercising our competences, we will do what is necessary," he said, trying to keep the mask that Venezuela is a country with a true "national sovereignty" and seeking to hide the plan of invasion and occupation.

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Yankee goal is to invade and occupy the country


In a document published on its Internet channel, the Association of New Democracy Nuevo Peru (Hamburg, Germany) explained how the Yankee military intervention plan in Venezuela is developed.

The Association's statement stresses that "the governments of the European Union (EU) support the 'Venezuelan puppet of Yankee imperialism'", but they recognize that its political acknowledgement "has no legal validity or force", which corroborates with the Association's thesis : "The recognition is only a political support of the coup d'état to justify the military intervention of Yankee imperialism under the pretext of 'humanitarian aid'."

The Peruvian revolutionaries organized in the Association also evaluate that "humanitarian aid" is the "trojan horse" created by the evil imagination of imperialism to conceal the invasion. "The Yankee military intervention plan includes advancing with its or others troops in Venezuelan territory under the pretext of protecting 'humanitarian aid', to wrest a 'piece' from the Venezuelan homeland and hand it over to the puppet of Yankee imperialism (Guaidó ), declaring it an 'permanent government' and not only of recognition and, from this political-military fact and legal effects, in that occupied territory, to declare and act as a government and to usurp step by step with the advance of the foreign invasion the executive functions of the country", they analyze.

Amid the advance of the Yankee plan to invade and occupy Venezuela, counting on the pantomime of "Guaidó government", the Association of New Democracy calls for:

"The people of Venezuela have to mobilize broadly and deeply to prepare for resistance. The Maoists and other revolutionaries are responsible for instructing the people and mobilizing for resistance and avoiding capitulation, criticizing the mistakes and vacillations shown by representatives of other classes


Translated from A Nova Democracia website.