The Military police officers, aboard an armored vehicle - the "caveirão" -, made an operation in the Chacrinha favela, in Praça Seca, and executed three people, among them a young boy with autism. According to reports from the residents, the military police arrived early firing at the population on the street.

The young people killed are Alex Mateus Pereira Barreto da Silva, 22, Wallace Ferreira da Silva, 26, and the young Allan dos Santos Gomes, who was only 15 years old. At the police station, the military police officers told the investigators they were all bandits and were armed.

However, Allan's family claims that, in addition to not being involved in drug dealing, the boy had autism - a disorder that compromises communication skills and social interaction. According to the relatives of Allan, he left the house contrary to the guidelines of the family and ended up being shot by the police.

"My brother went down the hill for disobedience. On television they are not saying that there was war in Chacrinha, but the 'caveirão' went up there shooting everybody and killed my brother. They're saying he was a bad guy. He was not a bad guy. Not to mention that my brother was still with autism and had problems. It was a child. A fool who cried for everything. They took off my brother's blouse and put a gun on his hand to say he was a bad guy, "says the young man's sister, Rayssa Santtos, in a video posted on social networks.

The Witzel administration, who during the election campaign had encouraged the police to commit such atrocities without danger of further investigation, said in a statement that he "trusts the authorities who are conducting the investigation and in elucidating the case."

Allan dos Santos Gomes, young autistic child executed by PM