The following is a video produced by the AND team during the Solidarity Mission to Enilson Ribeiro Camp, in Rondônia, in October 2018.

Originally published onAND.


The filmed record shows the vibrant peasant demonstration that brought together more than a thousand peasants in the municipality of Seringueiras (RO), on 10/18/2018, and denounced the criminal threat of ownership repossession by INCRA against Enilson Ribeiro Camp.

The demonstration was part of the Solidarity Mission to Enilson Ribeiro Camp, the Brazilian Association of People's Advocates (Abrapo) and the Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples (Cebraspo), whose objective was to "prevent the State of Rondônia from hosting another great massacre of peasants ". The Mission gathered supporters of the land struggle of every country that visited the region and denounced the crimes promoted by the state in collusion with the latifundio.
Facing the strong storm that fell on the city, the protest marched through the streets of the city center to the City Hall, where a Public Hearing was held.

In addition to the hundreds of peasants from various areas and camps, activists, students, teachers and other workers who supported the struggle for land also participated in the demonstration.

Faced with the great mobilization, the Public Hearing, which was attended by the National Agrarian Ombudsman, Public Prosecution and Incra, agreed to suspend the repossession of Bom Futuro Farm, which has so far remained in the hands of the peasants.

The struggle of the peasants for the Bom Futuro farm continues because, although it was temporarily suspended on that date, the threat of reintegration of possession against Enilson Ribeiro Camp persists to this day.

All the recorded material is being published in parts in the video-reporting series 'The path of the struggle for land in Rondônia'.
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