Recently, the second part of a short documentary that shows the situation of the struggle for land in Ariquemes was published by A Nova Democracia website.
The area of 420 alqueires in the municipalities of Rio Pardo and Ariquemes was occupied by peasant families in 2000. The peasants suffered three ownership repossession by the repression apparatuses of the old state. The video shows many peasants speaking about the daily struggle for production, they show the ruins of their houses that were destroyed by the state, the great amount of production they can get from the land, the will they have to own a piece of land to produce and develop the economy for the local cities, and most importantly that the path of struggle is the only path to guarantee their right to the land and how it changed after they started struggling under the banner of the Poor Peasants League (LCP) and stopped waiting for the Agrarian Reform Institution.