With information of an article published in A Nova Democracia Website, in the context of the important mobilization that took place the last weekend in many places of the country and abroad regarding the elections that will take place on October 7, we transmit a report of the demonstration in Rio de Janeiro and the action of the red block.

Dozens of thousands people gathered in Cinelândia square, in the centre of Rio de Janeiro city, in a demonstration against the far-rightist ideas that are being broadcast mainly for the presidential electoral propaganda of Jair Bolsonaro.

Nem eleicao nem intervencao

Many organizations and popular movements of the city were present, also a big mass of the general population, who were outraged with the fascist project and the deep crisis that rots the Brazilian political system.

Particularly, there was the action of a red block constituted by movements that are part of the Revolutionary Front of Defence of the People´s Rights (FRDDP). The block held a big banner with the saying: Neither elections, nor military intervention! Revolution now! With the position of calling the population to boycott elections and do not fall in the fake polarization of “bourgeois democracy” versus “fascism” which is constructed by reaction in order to lower the rate of boycott, aiming to slow the unrest of the masses with the old order and raise the legitimacy of the next government to apply the economic anti-people and draconian “reforms”.

Students, youth, teachers and workers in general that were part of the block made a powerful agitation about the necessity of a Great Revolution as a way out from the current process of reactionarization of the old state. Among the slogans that were shouted were: Elections are farce! Does not change anything! Organize the people to make revolution! Neither Elections, nor intervention! The people wants healthcare and education! Torture, murders, 64 did not end!1

Around 500 newspapers of the previous issues were distributed by the A Nova Democracia Support Committee in the demonstration.

1 64 is the year that the last military regime was established in the country