Following the call of CEBRASPO several people gathered yesterday outside of the Mexican Consulate in southern Rio de Janeiro. Demanding the immediate presentation of Dr. Sernas (who was forcefully “disappeared” by the reaction in Mexico’s town of Oaxaca on the 10th of May) alive and well, a broad banner with the campaign slogan “Se vivo vocês o levaram, vivo nós o queremos!” (“Because alive he was taken, we want him alive!”) and the Hashtag “#DrSernasApresentaçãoComVida” (“#DrSernasPresentationWithLife”) was hoisted. Activists of the Revolutionary People's Student Movement (MEPR) and the People's Women's Movement (MFP) participated with flags and self-made signs.

Only a few days prior to this, there had already been actions carried out by the activists of the MEPR: With the very same campaign slogan, wall paintings were made on the walls of Rio’s northern district of Cascadura.

Mexican Consulate in Rio 1

Mexican Consulate in Rio 2

Mexican Consulate in Rio 3