This is an inofficial translation of the resolutions of the 38th National Meeting of Students of Pedagogy in Brazil.

Political resolutions of the 38th National Meeting of Students of Pedagogy (Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Pedagogia -ENEPe)

400 students from all over the country attended the opening of the 38th ENEPe.

  1. Support the struggle of indigenous and quilombola students in Mato Grosso do Sul
    In the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, hundreds of indigenous and quilombola students have had their rights attacked. The arch-reactionaries of the Temer government, commanded by Yankee imperialism, continue to withdraw the already meagre rights of this extremely important and secular oppressed part of our population. Supporting the struggle of indigenous and quilombola students for their justified right to free public education is an inseparable part of supporting their struggle for land and territory. Long live the retakes of the indigenous territories and quilombolas!

  2. For the Freedom of All Prisoners of War and Political Prisoners of India
    Democratic activists, popular advocates and progressive intellectuals have been systematically persecuted and imprisoned in India. Likewise, revolutionaries have been barbarically arrested, tortured and killed as part of the genocidal and mother-country-selling plan called the "Operation Green Hunt", orchestrated by the Indian state and its puppet of imperialism, president Modi. These brutal attacks on the Indian people's struggles serve the imperialist interests of driving out the tribal populations and subjecting the people to the ever more severe conditions of exploitation by selling their labour force and large pieces of land to the international financial capital with their factories, mines and hydro power. The Indian people have bravely resisted these attacks and their political prisoners and prisoners of war are symbols of this resistance and the failure of the Indian fascist state. In particular, we demand the immediate release of the Professor from the University of Delhi, GN Saibaba and that he can be attended promptly by a physician and receive his medication! Freedom for the political prisoners and prisoners of war of India!

  3. Repudiate the political persecution of comrade Ingrid of the UPE of Petrolina
    Ingrid Mariane, a Pedagogy student from UPE – Campus Petrolina, representative of the Pernambuco Executive of Pedagogy Students and member of ExNEPe, has suffered a series of attacks and political persecutions inside the university itself. Professors and reactionary students of the UPE – Campus Petrolina have been trying, futile, what is necessary to highlight, undermine Ingrid's political performance in this university, seeking to curtail their participation in the Student Movement in general and in ExNEPe in particular under the false pretext of being negatively impacting their academic achievement. In fact, Ingrid not only has an exemplary university performance, but also conquered her by overcoming barriers in communication that were imposed by a medical condition, even receiving an Honourable Mention for a work presented at the 38th ENEPe. In addition, comrade Ingrid has contributed enormously to the student struggle in her university and in Pernambuco, boosting the ExNEPe performance as a class entity in defence of public and free universities, such as the UPE itself. We repudiate this fascist, prejudiced persecution and marked by contempt for persons of the people!

  4. Repudiate of the murder of the young peasant Lucas Lima Batista in Rondônia!
    We repudiate the murder of young peasant Lucas Lima Batista, 21, who was fighting for a piece of land in the Revolutionary Area Jhone Santos on July 8th near this area, in the municipality of Vilhena in Rondônia. This cruel murder follows the modus operandi of the armed bands of killers and the latifundium who act protected and covered by the summit of the state security area, applying terror against the peasant masses struggling for land. We stand in defence of these peasant masses and against this reactionary campaign of the latifundium and the police forces of the old state that try to drown the fight for land in blood. The land for those who live and work there! Death to the latifundium!

  5. Support the struggle for the construction of the UNILA(Universidade Federal da Integração Latino-Americana), University Restaurant and student housing
    Students from the Federal University of Latin American Integration are struggling to improve the infrastructure of the university, with the construction of the campus, the University Restaurant and the student housing. We join these comrades as part of the struggle in defence of public universities in our country, against the destruction and privatization of higher education!

  6. Support for the international campaign for the bicentenary of Karl Marx
    Throughout the world, in 2018, a vigorous campaign for the celebration of the two hundred years of Karl Marx's birth has been done under the slogan "Proletarians of all countries, unite!" ExNEPe, in exercising the true spirit of proletarian internationalism, welcomes and joins this campaign, stressing that the objectives for which we fight for the defence of public education, free, democratic and in service of the people can only be achieved by putting the teachings of the Great Karl Marx and the principles of Marxism into practice, that the class struggle is the engine of history, that the masses are all powerful and, above all, that its right to rebel! Long live the 200 years of the Great Karl Marx!
    karl marx

  7. Support the struggle of the Palestinian people, the national liberation struggle of the Syrian people and the entire Middle Easn
    The oppressed peoples of the Middle East have been waging a very hard struggle within their own territories against the imperialist invasion and occupation that is part of the inter-imperialist struggle for the partition of the territories of oppressed countries around the world. Syria was transformed into a battlefield between the imperialist superpower USA and Russia (also imperialist), through various countries and military groups, lackeys of one or other imperialist interest. Resisting the full scale of death and destruction, the people of Syria have fought bravely to reconquer their territory and strip the false defenders of the National Liberation of the Syrian people. So have the brave Palestinian people who for more than 70 years resisted the Zionist-Nazi invasion and occupation of the State of Israel with their genocidal plan to annihilate the Palestinian people and usurp their lands. Particularly Palestinian youth have given their blood and their lives to defend their families and expel the invader. The brave Palestinian resistance, imposing shameful defeats to its executioners, is a symbol of resistance and struggle throughout the world, and inspires us to close ranks against imperialism from Brazil. Long live the irrepressible Palestinian resistance! Long live the national liberation struggles in Syria and throughout the Middle East! Down with imperialism!

  8. Support the fight against the destruction and privatization of the UPE
    Students, professors and employees of the University of Pernambuco (UPE) are struggling against a long process of destruction that the university has been through. In addition to the insufficient number of civil servants to maintain the full functioning of university activities (such as libraries and secretariats), and the drastic reduction in the budget in recent years, the shortage of teachers has also been an aggravating factor in the UPE's situation. In several campuses, teachers have been hired with extremely precarious allowances, which does not guarantee them the minimum labour rights. This situation has led to the very existence of some UPE campuses, such as in Petrolina, where half of the professors of the Geography course, for example, work on temporary contracts. Pedagogy students from all over the country, gathered at the 38th ENEPe, are joining the struggle against the UPE destruction and the harmful plan to "destroy to privatize" our state universities. Defend our state universities with tooth and nail!

  9. Support the successful strike of UFMT students and professors
    The students and professors of the UFMT held a combative strike that lasted 65 days, culminating after a meeting with the rectory where it promised to meet the demands of the strikers. This strike is part of the struggle of students across the country for conditions to remain in university, requiring the maintenance of the University Restaurant price at R $ 1.00, instead of the expected increase to R $ 5.00. In order to end the strike, the rectory also declared not to persecute and criminalize the student movement; to democratize and unbureaucratize the access of the academic community to the university theatre, with guarantee of public management; conduct a public competition for teachers and administrative technicians; present the details of the contracts of outsourced companies in the UFMT and the concrete destination of the funds destined to student assistance; the fulfilment and supervision of laws that deal with the obligation to teach indigenous and African history and culture; and not reduce the graduation vacancies. We acknowledge the correctness of the UFMT student strike as part of the nationwide struggle against destruction public universities and welcome the combative strikers. Long live classist and combative struggle!

  10. Support the combative strike of Peruvian teachers (SUTEP)
    Teachers and other basic education workers in Peru have been striking all over the country since June 20. ExNEPe is in solidarity with the indefinite strike of these teachers, joining to the call of the Union of Workers in Education of Peru (SUTEP) to defeat the attempts of intimidation of the government Martín Vizcarra and to bar its measures of destroying of the Peruvian education, imposed by  Yankee imperialism. Long live the National Education Strike in Peru! Down with the educational policies of the World Bank / IMF / USA!