We forward the english translation of an article of A Nova Democracia, written by Fausto Arruda, on the current situation on Brazil.


People need the State to provide them all their needs

The media monopoly tries – although giving the first steps on the play-acting of the electoral farse through a false controversy – to classify ideologically the candidates to manage the imperialism interests and their lackeys of big-bourgeois and landlords in Brasil. In the meantime, the useless bureaucracy of the electoral courts flaps around to the point of exhaustion the “decisive” participation of the citizens, reduced to the ballots, in a corrupt and farcist election of a political system rotten up to the medulla.

The ones who defend the State and exercise a larger control over the economy are classified as left-wing and the supporters of the so-called “minimal State” are classified as right-wing or “neo-liberals”.

For the acronyms which debate inside the Single Party, those classifications are welcome and quite palatable since they circumvent the fact that, after all, all of them are ideologically from the right-wing. The rule for those classifications is the submission to the national subjugation policy imposed by the imperialism, mostly Yankee. Besides the decisive matter of whose finally this old State is: the landownership’s, the big bourgeoisie’s, in its compradora and bureaucratic fractions, subservient to imperialism, mainly Yankee.

[This image shows the old state crumbling and the different fractions of the single party desperato to save it.]


This decrepit Brazilian State in decomposition - under the imperialist rule, managed and disputed by the power groups, representatives of the cast-aside local ruling classes from slavery and feudal origin, obliged to the “market” from its wombs – has been using the bureaucratic structure to levy taxes from the people in the municipal, state and federal levels, to deploy them for the benefits of the imperialist boss and themselves.

Under the falsehood that the “Democratic State of Law” is the universal democracy, institutions have been created that, at the same time they rule and care for the resources purpose, they catch parts of them.Those institutions harbour a high-level bureaucracy in the so-called Republic powers, i. e. , the executive, legislative and judicial ones.

The price paid by the national subjugation to imperialism is equivalent to, practically, half of all taxes imputed to the Brazilian people. Starting with the public debt service involving interests and redemptions that include other equities like: transfer profits of transnational corporations, royalties, dividends, patent grants, etc.

State Ministers, senators, federal deputies, Federal Supreme Court ministers and ministers from the superior courts are assisted by superior level professionals, all of them earning more than R$30.000 a month or more, besides benefits and privileges as the payment of housing rent, air tickets, telephone bill and even suits. This high level bureaucracy happens through indication of the oligarchs for the commissioned posts who support the rotten Brazilian political system through the control of the municipal and regional policies.
One can add to that the costs of the military caste, the backbone that suports such a rotten order, distributed in the military ministeries and in their military commands and military regions.


The leadership of the so-called state enterprises – BNDES, Bank of Brasil, Caixa Econômica, Bank of the Northeast and other small ones, besides companies like Petrobras, Eletrobras, CHESF, Itaipu, Funai, Nuclebras, Correios,etc. – is among the more desired ones. All those enterprises and banks have an administration council composed by 6 to 12 counsellors who meet twice or three times a year but earn very profitable jetons monthly.

These posts make possible the targeting of the taxes people pay to favouring the power groups through concessions, tax revenue waivering, subsidised loans, followed almost always by cheating, bribery, collusive tendering, goal-led of public bids and some other trickeries which are characteristics of this mythological “Democratic State of Law”.

The so-called Public Machine with its activities aimed at paying service to the population, generally with tarnished remuneration, supports, therefore, the high level bureaucracy entranched in power.

Similar to the federal level structures we have noted above, one can see its reproduction at municipal and state levels.

Imagine, dear reader, the amount of expenses of most of the 5.600 Brazilian municipalities in order to support their City Councils plus the bureaucratic structure of the City hall with secretaries that, in most of the cases, are equivalent to the whole payroll of the public employees who really work. Needless to say what happens with the states with their rotten machine whose largest window is the state of Rio de Janeiro but not only.

It is this structure with semifeudal basis that, during electoral times, change into the most powerful election campaign machine so that they can reproduce all the iniquities of the old bourgeois-landownership order at service to imperialism.

That is why we have affirmed and we constantly afirm that such an outdated and cachectic Brazilian political system will never change through the decayed and very expensive elections guaranteed by the power groups that have appropriated of its outcomes.

The Democratic, Agrarian and Anti-imperialist Revolution is, therefore, a historical need to separate Brasil from its past under the tutelage of backwardness in all its dimension and build up a new country.

Only then, with the complete destruction of the old, backward and rotten order, on top of the ruins, people can build their revolutionary State, people’s power of the New Democracy, the State able to provide the people of all their needs for raising and building the New Brasil.