We publish an english translation of the report of the first public activity of the current campaign against the trial of the 23 activists, who were sentenced to prison for participating on protrests against the robbery of politicians, the Fifa Cup and the electoral sham in Rio de Janeiro. More detailed information can be seen on another article published on the same website.

Combativeness marks the first big political act

"More than 800 people participated of a big political act of rejection to the trial of the 23 political prisoners, to the criminalization of the popular protest and to the military intervention on Rio de Janeiro, on July 24 in the Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences (IFCS) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), in the city center. More than 100 entities of the whole world sent declarations of solidarity. Also the mothers victims of violence Bruna Silva (mother of Marcos Vinicius, 14, who was executed on Maré favela) and Gláucia dos Santos (mother of Fabrício dos Santos, who was executed in Chapadão favela in the new year’s eve from 2013 to 2014) were present.

The demonstration rejected the trial by the judge Flavio Itabaiana, from the 27th criminal court of the capital of Rio de Janeiro, for sentencing the demonstrators and activists up to seven years of prison in closed regime due to the protests against the robbery of Sérgio Cabral, the Fifa Cup and the electoral sham.

The organizers highlighted that the campaign that began with the public event has an even bigger purpose: to reject and combat the criminalization of the combatant youth in the context of the alarming increase of murders on the countryside, the execution of Marielle and the military intervention that multiplied the massacres of the impoverished population of Rio de Janeiro. The act also held speeches in support to Caio and Fábio, who were judged for the accidental death of a cameraman, and to Rafael Braga.

A complete video with the speeches and denounces will be published very soon in our portal."

800 participants attended to the activity

Some of the accused 23 were present to make their speeches.

Bruna, the mother of Marcos, a 14-years old student who was executed in Maré favela, holding the bloodstained school uniform.

Igor Mendes, one of the 23 sentenced.