We publish the translation of the document, originally posted in Resistencia Camponesa website, denouncing the murder of comrade Enilson in Brazil. We solidarize with the comrades who are struggling for land in Brazil, who are being fiercely attacked and almost daily murdered. We are confident the struggle for land in Brazil is fully justified and the spilled blood of the comrades who fall in this struggle will not go unpunished. As said by the note these coward actions of the landlords only accumulate the hatred of the people and they will fail on stopping the struggle.


Peasant is murdered and his daughter is gravely wounded in an attack of gunmen

"On July 22, Ismauro Fatimo dos Santos, 49, was murdered by shots on the road near line 14, while he was going by car to Enilson Ribeiro in Seringueiras settlement. His 16-years daughter was also shot in the head and is hospitalized in grave danger. According to witneses a group of gunmen intercepted Ismauro‘s vehicle and made accurate shots, three of the four bullets that hit Ismauro were in the head.

Ismauro Fatimo dos Santos and daughter

Ismauro was known by the nickname of Paraná, he lived in Paulo Freire 4 area and was supporting the seizure of land of the Enilson Ribeiro area.
The murder of comrade Paraná was made by the same modus operandi practiced by the armed gangs of latifundium formed by gunmen and policemen, supported, protected and covered by the summit of the state security area that go unpunished while act as “death squads” by murdering combative peasants and leaderships on the struggle for land.

Facing such crimes, the garbage media, spokesman of the police and the landlords, muffles it with their usual complicity. On the other hand, they make a big noise to attack and slander the combative peasant struggle, particularly the LCP – Poor Peasants League. Under any pretext they don’t stop demonizing, slandering, accuse of crimes without presenting any proof, using all kind insinuations, tricks and lies. All this aiming to criminalize the honored struggle for land, to justify the crimes of the landlords and the old state.

The death of Ismauro and the grave wounds on his young daughter are crimes executed by armed gangs ordered by the landlords, who have nothing of “pop” as repeated by Rede Globo. In truth, latifundium is this, represents backwardness, exploitation, misery and blood for the peasants and the nation.

But just like many other comrades, the blood of Ismauro will not be in vain.

And we do not cease to repeat, the terror of the landlords and its old state will not stop the struggle for land. It only accumulates even greater hatred, revolt and thirst for justice!
We call independent, democratic and honest peoples and organizations to show support for the justified struggle of the peasants and to join efforts to stop the crimes of the landlords and the old state.

Punishment for the ones who ordered and the murderers of Ismauro!

Comrade Ismauro lives in our struggle!

Long live the resistance of the peasants on Enilson Ribeiro area!

Long live the resistance of the peasants on the Paulo Freire area!

Conquer the land! Destroy latifundium!

Long live the Agrarian Revolution!”