We publish this inofficial translation of the statement of the Current of the People Sol Rojo Oaxaca (Mexico):

CORRIENTE DEL PUEBLO SOL ROJO joins the international campaign of solidarity with the 23 comrades sentenced in Brazil, whose participation was highlighted with combativeness and class spirit during the days of protest against the 2014 FIFA World Cup, led by the binomial Dilma-Monetary Fund International.

After these young sons and daughters of the people were in prison for some time, the old state in Brazil attacks them again, sentencing them to prison in a context where it redoubled the offensive of the parasitic classes against the working class and the popular masses, resulting in war against the people and militarization of the country.

In Brazil there is a particularly critical situation, where the reaction seeks to regain absolute control of the country before the collapse and crisis of bureaucratic capitalism. The big bourgeoisie can no longer govern as it has been doing, and the working people don't want and cannot continue to be governed as they have been until now ...

We express our absolute solidarity towards these 23 young people, especially for our comrade Igor Mendes da Silva, a young communist leader from Brazil.