We publish this inofficial english translation of the declaration:

We join the campaign against the condemnation of the 23 activists convicted in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) involved in the protests against the squandering of the FIFA Cup

During the days before and during the World Cup in Brazil, the people and especially the poor youth demonstrated against the waste of resources and the show that the Dilma/FMI government wanted to show the world.

These protests were massive, combative and just.

Today, at a time when the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism in Brazil is growing, expressed in a rise in the struggle and in the rot of all the institutions of the old State. Vampires lash out at popular fighters, decreeing prison for 23 activists.

We declare our full agreement with the note of denunciation of the persecuted comrades, we express our solidarity with them, with their struggle, against the political persecution and we call to spread the situation of the comrades and the struggle of the people of Brazil, as part of of the struggle of the peoples of the world.

We have taken as a basis of our pronouncement the note of the comrades of El Períodico el Pueblo de Chile.

July 2018