The young peasant Lucas Lima Batista, 21 years old, who was in the struggle for a piece of land in the Revolutionary Area Jhone Santos, was found dead near the Revolutionary Area, located in the municipality of Vilhena, Rondonia state.

In a note, the Poor Peasants League (LCP) highlight that Lucas, who was born in the municipality of Jaru, Rondonia, was a son of the people who joined the struggle for land unemployed and dreaming with a piece of land to be able to live with dignity.

The note of LCP does not fear to denounce the murderers of the young peasant and accuses primarily the landlord Heládio Cândido Senn, known as Nego Zen, and his armed gangs of taking the life of Lucas away. Nego Zen, known by his criminal practices and colludes with the gunmen, was already denounced in the pages of A Nova Democracia newspaper when he personally commanded a gang of armed gunmen in a series of attacks of the settlement Gilson Gonçalves in 2014, when he kidnapped and tortured two peasants. Nego Zen was supposed to be arrested in September 2014 because of false imprisonment and for having an arsenal of four illegal fire arms on his possession.

The LCP also points out that the murder of Lucas happened right after an operation of the military police that was personally commanded by colonel Ronaldo Flôres, the general commander of the Military Police (PM) of Rondonia, against the Area Jhone Santos.

LCP denounced: “There were gunmen of the landlord Nego Zen together with the policemen. During the operation they cowardly attacked families, kept the peasants under the threat of fire arms until late night, burnt their crops, belongings and houses, tortured at least a woman and a young man.”

Also on their note, the peasants expose how the murder of Lucas is part of the modus operandi of the armed gangs of gunmen and of the latifundium, which applies the counterrevolutionary terror against the peasant struggle and are also “supported, protected and covered by the summit of the security agency of the state”.



*Extracted from the article of the A Nova Democracia website.