We publish a translation of the editorial of A Nova Democracia issue 212, originally posted here.


Editorial – Yankees put Brazil in their invasion plan to Venezuela

We have plenty of reasons to be suspicious and speculate on the motives for so many visits of representatives of the USA government, the Yankee imperialism, to our country on the last months.

Despite the concern of the embassy on their permanent and systematic monitoring of the political situation of the country with the Operation “Lava Jato” and with the growing popular revolt, as AND already denounced before. This “concern” with security materialized in bilateral agreements and staff training, just like the seminar that occurred in the last 7th and 8th of June in Recife, with the goal of “strengthening cooperation bonds between the United States and Public Security institutions of the Northeast of Brazil” are in truth the appearances that hide the bonds of semicoloniality and national subjugation.

A macabre agenda that involves the military intervention planned by the Pentagon to invade and overthrow the constitutionally elected government of Venezuela, after failed attempts to overthrow Chávez and his successor Maduro fits under the caption of “security”. These events denote the operations that are part of the current plan of Yankee imperialism against the Venezuelan people and the national sovereign of the country.

In the beginning the South Command of the USA army elaborated and was applying the pan of destabilization of the government of Venezuela, since the times of Chávez and then with Maduro. Its content renew all the cruelty arsenal that was historically used by the gringos to overthrow regimes that kept any disagreement with the imperialist domination and principally  those openly opposed to it.

Then comes the phase of articulation of the means and agents who, under the command of the Yankee army, will execute the plan of military intervention. For this, according to documents of its South Command, to close a cordon of countries around Venezuela with Panama, Colombia, Guiana, Brazil and Argentina, diplomatic treaties with the management of such countries are necessary, which are defined in reserved conversations with their lackeys just like the ones that happened when the Yankee vice-secretary and vice-president passed by Brasilia.

The travel itinerary of the vice-president included a stop in Manaus, where the center of the operation and the control of the occupation in the case of an invasion of Venezuela through the border of Roraima will probably be centered. Or in the assemblage of refugee camps for which one million of dollars were already destined by the Yankee government to the manager Temer.

According to the Folha de São Paulo newpaper, in the collective interview after the lunch at Itamaraty, the vice-president of USA aknoweledged the efforts of Brazil and demanded more: “Thank you for the support with the reception of more than 50 thousand venezuelans, for challenging Maduro regime and be a partner of USA” said Pence, adding: “For this, today I tell our ally Brazil: it is time for you to do more”.

In the midst of the tragedy of the Latin-american peoples, the Yankee imperialists’ cynicism cannot help being comic because of the fact that the gringos close their borders for the Latin-americans and pay Brazil to wide open its borders for the entrance of the Venezuelan refugees.

When they speak of doing more, beyond the deployment of troops and war means of the Armed Forces on the borders and invasion, the Yankees mean to put the demand of the cession of Alcântara base in Maranhão at stake for the establishment of a military base of USA in Brazilian territory.

Such explicit or veiled demands that mocks on the national sovereign and independence can only be explained by the submission of a decrepit state in chaotic situation to the imperialist policy of national subjugation. An incontrovertible proof of the necessity of a Democratic, Agrarian and Anti-imperialist Revolution.