On June 5th hundreds of people protested in Lima, Peru, under the slogan „Close the Congress“ („Cierren el Congreso“). This was already the second march under this slogan, the first one already took place on May 31st. The demonstrators tried to get to the congress, but were stopped and attacked by the riot police. Afterwards, the people rioted and the fight against the police culminated in a burned-down police car.

Background of the protests was that it became public that Congress plans to buy televisions, refrigerators and other appliances worth 76,000 dollars, allegedly to watch the upcoming soccer World Cup 2018 in Russia in greater comfort. In addition, the Congress is said to spend $ 84,000 for flowers annually – and all that while the Government promotes a policy of austerity in spending public funds. In light of this disgusting extravagant hedonism of the Fujimorist-dominated Congress, while the Peruvian people still lack so much vital necessities, it’s by all means clear that the people are raising their voices and resolutely taking actions against the lackeys of the imperialists and thus carry the justified rebellion to the streets. The old state has once again revealed its selfish, corrupt and rotting face. Because the only thing that the ruling classes truly care for are themselves. Students, trade unionists and many others have participated in the protests. Because the masses already know who the enemy is, they see him every day and they are no longer ready to be fooled. Under the leadership of the party of the proletariat - the Communist Party of Peru, which will overcome all obstacles, these justified rebellions will be provided with a direction, a solution to all their problems. And the only solution for the Peruvian people is to reorganize the Party and to advance and continue the People’s War.

Burned down police car