The former President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, is on trial again. He is known for his many crimes and the genocide against the Peruvian people during his presidency from 1990 to 2000. Even the old, Peruvian state found him guilty of the massacres carried out by his death squads and his paramilitary groups. In 2009 he was imprisoned and sentenced to 25 years in jail. Furthermore, he was corrupt and embezzled millions of dollars. When he was officially charged with that, he flew to Japan where he stayed for five years. He is responsible for thousands of peasants, workers and revolutionaries who were tortured, raped and killed. They paid the highest price fighting for the end of the sellout of their country to the imperialists, fighting for the end of semi-feudalism, semi-colonialism and bureaucratic capitalism. Fujimori sold out his country, did everything the Yankees told him to do and they gave him one job, to crush the People’s War led by the Communist Party of Peru. And he used every barbarous method he could think of trying to fulfill it.

But after only few years in prison Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, then still president of Peru and a lackey of Yankee-imperialism – pardoned and released him in December 2017. This was followed by protests and demonstrations in several countries. In his current trial Fujimori is accused of giving the order to the murder of six peasants in the district of Barranca, north of Lima, carried out by the Colina paramilitary group in January 1992.

When the Colina paramilitary group was first accused of murder and violation of human rights violations during his presidency, Fujimori signed a law that granted amnesty to anyone accused of, tried for, convicted of, or sentenced for human rights violations that were committed by the armed forces or the police. When court found this law to be unconstitutional, Fujimori signed a new law removing the right of judicial review over amnesty laws. This reveals that he is indeed deeply connected with the Colina group and there is no doubt that he is guilty in this current case as well as in the many others. So the prosecutor now has insisted on charging Fujimori with the crimes of qualified homicide and conspiracy to commit crimes against the state. We know how things like that went in the past.


This juridical charade shows, how the old state works: if you are part of the ruling class, you can steal millions from the people, kill thousands, torture them and commit every imaginable crime against them. You won’t have to face justice for anything. The only ones that are truly able to bring justice are always the broad masses that will hold the ruling class to account. The masses in Peru know how to face these pigs. They know that only through the leadership of their party, the Communist Party of Peru, guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, they can bring an end to this rotten system. They will overcome the bend in the road and carry on with their tasks.