On the 14th and 15th of April the 8th Summit of the America‘s took place in Lima, Peru. The first Summit was held in 1994, originally initiated by the former US-President, Bill Clinton, to promote prosperity through economic integration and free trade by gathering together all leaders of North, Central and Latin America (obviously meaning to promote US-prosperity and power through imperialist oppression).

Today, the Yankee-imperialist nature of this summit hasn’t been lost. First, the Yankees couldn’t fail to hold a proper demonstration of power in Lima, by bringing 568 soldiers (staying for 18 days, equipped with weapons and two helicopters) with them to protect the participating vice-president Mike Pence (who stepped in for Trump, because he had to focus on the development of genocidal aggression of Yankee imperialism against the peoples of Western Asia). Those soldiers accompanied the police forces of the old Peruvian state that should suppress any demonstrations against the summit. This means an intensification of the repression against those, who take the justified fight against the summit to the road.

At the summit itself, issues such as trade deals have been on the agenda, next to corruption, or more precisely, how to get rid of governments that don’t directly correspond to the interests of Yankee-imperialism. What hasn’t been on the agenda, and will never be on the agenda of the Yankees-imperialists and its lackeys of the continent, are the people. The oppressed peoples who are daily exposed to hunger, violence and death by the reactionary and imperialist forces. Therefore, the People's War in Peru will overcome all obstacles and be developed more and more - until the old Peruvian state will be smashed. Until the victory over imperialism.