At least once a year the comrades of the FERP organize Popular Support Brigades in the areas of the Mapuche. But these are not mere touristic ventures in which one gets to drive through the areas of the Mapuche for an evening: Each year, great delegations of sympathizers, masses and activists are mobilized to go to the countryside for a lengthy period and to live, work and fight side by side with the Mapuche. As already done in the last years, the comrades also in this year assembled a video about the work of the Popular Support Brigades.

In the declaration in regards to this, the FERP states:

"The Popular Support Brigades are voluntary work, realized by students in the communities of Mapuche who resist, in order to unite, in perspective, the poor Mapuche and Chileans against our common enemies, thus advancing towards the path of the New Democracy Revolution. We call on students to follow this example and put our hands and knowledge at the service of the people, thus developing a class line in the student movement."