The Munduruku indigenous people and the riverine communities have made a series of demonstrations against the project of construction of hydroelectric plants along the Cupari river in the municipality of Rurópolis in Pará.

Cienge company together with the State Department for Environment and Sustainability (Semas) plan to build four „Small Hydroelectric Centers“ (PCH), substations and transmission lines integrating the „East Arm Cupari Complex“ even though the federal public prosecutors recomended the cessation of the environmental license of the complex due to not fulfilling the consultation of the affected communities.

The Pariri Indigenous Association denounced the Cienge statement, which affirmed the project does not provoke important impacts, saying the project would cut down the forest, turn the river into lakes, pollute the water and air and impact on the animals and peoples and also that this project is the first step to allow bigger plants, mining and ports to be made. They also denounced that Semas only serves to give licenses to destroy the river. There are many projects that aim to amplify the infrastructure to benefit imperialism and their lackeys easing the exportation of raw materials and twenty new ports can be built in addition to the six existing ones.

In addition to the munduruku peoples, the project could also affect the riverine communities of Mangabal, Montanha, Pimentel and São Francisco and their way of life. The munduruku demand the end of all such projects that affect their traditional way of life and they will not allow anyone to stop the river from flowing.

indigenous peoples denounce the attack of the old State against Pariri River