After the bill 1215 of the Fujimorist congresswoman Rosa Bartra was approved, students carried out a march against the so-called "youth slave law". The law would allow companies to hire students of technical institutes - without paying them at all. The students should just work to obtain experience in "pre-professional internhips". Naturally, the bourgeois Congress and the capitalists ignore that a high amount of students actually have to work to pay FOR their studies in the first place.

On February 23, as reports, young people all over Peru demonstrated against this law, which truly deserves its nickname "youth slave law". The protests climaxed in Lima, where it was much stronger than expected. The march started only as a small group that later turned into hundreds of protesters, equipped with banners, posters and horns. Because the Órgano Nacional del Gobierno Interior (Interior Government) had not authorized this mobilization, the reaction responded with tear-gas bombs. The students reacted extremely furious to the ban of their justified protest and subsequently intensified their militant expression and their resistance against the Peruvian police.

The Peruvian students have shown that the exploited masses will sooner or later rise up and will fight the old order.