We publish this english translation of the declaration of the Current of the People Red Sun Oaxaca:

On January 31, within the framework of the National Strike called by the National Coordinator of Education Workers (Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación – CNTE), the independent trade unions and various popular organizations of Oaxaca took to the streets together to express our rejection of anti-popular policies of the regime and its counter-reforms.

The contingent has been headed by the unions affiliated to the Unifying Front of Oaxaca and National Independent Trade Unions (Frente Unificador de Sindicatos Independientes Oaxaqueños y Nacionales – FUSION), from where the defence of the Collective Labour Contract of the STEUABJO comrades and the defence of the source of work of the workers has been supported by the different unions of the Health Sector.

Likewise, the contingents demanded the abrogation of the Law of Internal Security, the abrogation of the so-called "structural reforms" (counter-reforms, in reality), the reconstruction of the schools and the zones devastated by the earthquakes of last September, the cancellation of the Special Economic Zones, the freedom of political prisoners, among other demands of a political nature.

This mobilization has been important since in addition to being convened by FUSION where it seeks to articulate the struggles of the working class in Oaxaca for the defence of trade unionism and the rights of workers, it is also a clear manifestation of unity before the old state, which in an apparently unconnected way, seeks to dismantle workers' rights, make work even more precarious and end trade unionism, particularly the democratic one.

The workers and the people of Oaxaca have a wide experience of class struggle and in the streets we will show it.

Long live the unity of the working class!
Long live the struggle of democratic and independent trade unionism!

For a class union line within the trade union movement!
With the Red Sun, the people will win!
May the workers govern the homeland!