We share this sad news from Brazil, where the comrade Remís Carla was found dead on the 23th of December, wrapped in a sheet and buried in a hole, 10 meters away from the house of her ex-boyfriend. The latter confessed his murder the same night.
The comrades from the MEPR (Movimento Estudantil Popular Revolucionário – Revolutionary Popular Students Movement) and the MFP (Movimento Feminino Popular – Popular Womens Movement) organised a search campaign for Remis Carla starting on December 19, two days since her last telephone contact with her mother.

Cartaz Remis

Comrade Remís was a militant of the MFP and the MEPR. She participated with great effort in the ExNEPe (Executiva Nacional de Estudantes de Pedagogia - National Executive of Pedagogy Students). She began her militancy when she found the newspaper A Nova Democracia in 2012. She participated in the front rows of struggles and demonstrations, as well as in the campaign for the electoral boycott 2014. Her slogan in the Caxangá Avenue in Recife can still be read: “Don’t vote! Long live the Revolution! MEPR”
A Remis ME

The comrade also took part in the struggles of the LCP, working in the Revolutionary Area Renato Nathan in 2016.

Her funeral on the 24th of December was held with more than 300 participants, including militants of the MFP, who were singing the anthem of their organisation. A big banner with a painting of the comrade also was presented.
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remis carla

The MFP and MEPR published a declaration with the slogans:

Paulo César murderer, you're going to pay!
Down with the old rotten bourgeois-landowner state!
Companion Remís Carla Present in the struggle!
A Companheira Remis
Remis Carla Costa