On the 23th of November, the ExNEPe (Executiva Nacional de Estudantes de Pedagogia - National Executive of Pedagogy Students) made several actions on the National Day of Struggle in Defense of Public and Free Education. In the cities of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Guarulhos (SP), Belo Horizonte (MG), Petrolina (PE), Dourados (MS), Porto Velho (RO) and Itaberaba (BA), demonstrations were held. In other places, like Recife (PE), Montes Claros (MG), Nazaré da Mata (PE), Juazeiro (BA), Luzilândia (PI), Arapiraca (AL), Goiânia (GO) and União dos Palmares (AL), leaflets were spread and other actions executed.In the following, we document pictures and a video of the comrades in Brazil:

ExNEPe 1
ExNEPe 2ExNEPe 3
ExNEPe 4
ExNEPe 5
ExNEPe 6
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