On the 12th of December, comrade Del, José Adeilton died in the age of 55 due to a cardiac arrest. He died in the Revolutionary Area Renato Natan, in Messias, in the braszilian state Alagoas. The comrade had a severe impairment as a result of an enlarged heart and the risk of a sudden death was very high. We translate excerpts of the Declaration of the League of Poor Peasants of the Northeast (LCP-NE) on him:

Del faced his health condition with great courage and the possibility of the transplant with extreme valor. He decided to wait at home to be able to continue fulfilling his revolutionary tasks. He devoted his last hours to the Agrarian Revolution. In the People's Assembly last Sunday, he showed brilliant energy. He decided to walk from his home to the headquarters of the CDRA, a distance of 2 km. In the Assembly, he made a long intervention of more than 2 hours highlighting the tasks that were to be completed, particularly the completion of the construction of the flour mill, also agitated the need to increase the union of the people and to fight the pedants. He finally summoned everyone to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist Revolution of October, scheduled for 23/12, which will now also be celebrated in his honor.

Comrade Del was a revolutionary peasant militant and a convinced Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. He joined the LCP in 2011, when he took over the leadership of what would become the Renato Nathan Revolutionary Area. Del joined the LCP at a time of major internal struggle against opportunism. Holding the red flag of the Agrarian Revolution in 2012 firmly, he took the lead in the 1st People's Court in Alagoas and advances to the regional leadership of the LCP. In 2014, he actively participates in the 8th Congress of the LCP of the North of Minas and South of Bahia and is increasingly assuming national tasks of the League. In 2016, he acted decisively in the struggle between the two paths in the peasant movement imposing a strong defeat to the opportunism embedded inside the LCP, that year that Del gave the biggest leap in his revolutionary militancy. In 2017, despite the aggravation of his heart problems, he had the strength to attend the meeting of the National Commission of Leagues, held in São Paulo, where as always he intervened with his voice of thunder.

Comrade Del, a native of Maceió, always lived in Messias. Throughout his life he worked as a bread deliverer, as a bricklayer, in construction and as cane cutter. He began his militancy by participating in the occupation of the Jitirana farm, still in another movement, but it was in the LCP where he actually developed his revolutionary militancy. Del's companion, also leader of the LCP, despite the pain, remains steadfast in the struggle and reaffirmed her commitment to hold up the reddest banner of the Agrarian Revolution. We at the LCP-NE Coordination also reaffirm our oath and commitment.

At his funeral, hundreds of comrades attended. As a wish of his own companion, the funeral was held at the headquarters of the Revolutionary Area Renato Nathan. Comrades sang revolutionary and communist songs and covered his coffin with the red and internationalist flag. All present were very moved by the communist honors received by Comrade Del, worthy of the true heroes of our people. A vigil with an honor guard was held throughout the night and dawn until the morning of the 13th. Companion Del, even though he could not give his words of order with his voice of thunder, was followed for the last time, by a great mass, with songs of struggle and the oath to keep their red flags of struggle up.




Messias, December 13, 2017

League of Poor Peasants - Northeast