In November 8 the tekoha Guapoy of the Guarani Kaiowá people, in South Mato Grosso state, central region of Brazil, were notified of a repossession suit, which will be enforced with the participation of the National Force police. They are being threatened by the landlord’s paramilitary forces, strongly armed moving around the area in motorcycles. The area was retaken after the big attack made by the landlords in June 2016, which resulted in the murder of the young leader Clodiodi Aquileu and wounded many indigenous people.

guarani and kaiowa retake area and resist lanlord and their goons threats

In November 14 the Pedreira dos Encantos indigenous settlement of the pitaguary people, in Ceara state north-east of Brazil, had received an eviction order. The indigenous people occupy this area since 2012, it was an old quarry and they report mining companies are invading their traditional territory causing several health problems and deforestation.

In November 14 around 30 guarani nhandeva indigenous people were illegally removed by landlords colluded with municipal guards and rightist groups from an area belonging to the Tekoha Guassú Guavirá Indigenous Land, in Parana state in South Region of Brazil. Around 200 people came to the farm – that belonged to Matte Larangeira Company – to remove the guarani.

In November 23 and 24, guarani and kaiowá indigenous people from Nhu Verá and Boqueron had closed an important road in Dourados, in South Mato Grosso against the eviction order in 20 days of 45 families that had retaken the area for 8 years. The pedagogy students together with workers also closed another road in November 23, in support of the indigenous people and for the defense of the public and free education. The guarani and kaiowá in the region are going to keep mobilized against the eviction.

indigenous man in closing the road at Dourados

 video of the mobilization on November 24

The struggle of the indigenous people is increasing as the old State advances in offensive against their rights.

The policies in benefit of the latifundium and against the indigenous peoples, as well as against all the peoples in the countryside of Brazil, are getting each time more acute, Temer management has done neither recognition nor approval of indigenous lands, after the military regime this is the most offensive management in terms of attacking the indigenous rights to land, as well as the poor peasants and quilombola.

The “Time Milestone” approved in July – a law that only recognizes the indigenous lands those that were occupied at the time of the last constitution of Brazil, 1988, consciously ignoring the action of the latifundium colluded with the State in displacing the people – is a direct attack on the indigenous peoples, directly affecting the processes of 704 indigenous lands.

Many bill drafts in order to regulate the exploitation of ores are being approved in the National Congress; around 32% of the indigenous lands are target of mining processes and the old State aims to hand these areas to the imperialist mining companies.

The only solution for the indigenous peoples and quilombola is to take part in the agrarian revolution, to seize the lands of the landlords and to demarcate the lands themselves.