We publish this inofficial translation of a document of the Communist Party of Peru:


Proletarians of all countries, unite!






1917, with the victory of the October Revolution in Russia, the class established the dictatorship of the proletariat and opened a new era.

The victory of the October Revolution in 1917 marked an extraordinary milestone in world history, the end of the bourgeois revolution and the beginning of the world proletarian revolution. This new era was marked by the intensifying violence expressing the decrepitude of the bourgeoisie in leading the revolution and the maturity of the proletariat to take, lead, and maintain the power of the dictatorship of the proletariat. The revolutions of the oppressed nations also occur within this framework. The revolutionary power to conquer and maintain the new power today is People's War.

Lenin develops Marxism and elevates it to a second stage, Marxism-Leninism. Stalin will continue the work of Lenin and struggle in the process of constructing socialism in the USSR against the deviations of Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kamenev, which ended in 1937; it took a 13 year struggle, and it is false that he solved things administratively. We accept Chairman Mao's position on the role of Comrade Stalin, that 70% are positive, a great comrade.
In the same way, no class in the world was able to seize power all at once, but only through a process of restorations and counter-restorations, when the proletariat takes power and establishes its dictatorship, the eagerness of the bourgeoisie for restoring capitalism grows and opens up a historical process of struggle by the proletariat to maintain and defend its dictatorship and to combat the conspiracy of capitalist restoration and to restore its power. This struggle between restoration and counter-restoration is an indisputable historical law until the dictatorship of the proletariat has finally established. Until a revolution takes place, after which the proletariat finally establishes its power, the struggle between restoration and counter-restoration is extremely sharp and bitter and will take about 200 years, starting from the Paris Commune of 1871.

The experiences of the Restoration in the USSR and in China leave us great lessons, both positive and negative; particularly noteworthy are the gigantic steps in the furnishing of the new State and how the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution is the solution to ban the Restoration.

Chairman Mao said, "In a short time, the world has changed like never before. What took 250 years in England will take 50 years in China, then one can see the potential of the relations of production. The ancient Tsarist Russia, backward with the burden of centuries, with a tormenting feudal system that had rotten the system from its deepest roots to the most superficial; with a brutal autocratic dictatorship was called the gendarme of Europe, but the revolution abolished it, put out centuries of oppression and reached high levels of production for a few decades and laid the foundation for what the revisionists later used as the economy of power and superpower.

On this anniversary, which celebrates a century of the victory of the Great Socialist Revolution in Russia, led by the great LENIN and his continuator Comrade Stalin, it is needed to reaffirm the progress made in the New Socialist State and in the five-year plans adopted by the CPSU which the reactionaries and counterrevolutionaries have to recognise as well. This is thanks to Comrade Stalin in building socialism and defending the dictatorship of the proletariat, that is why he hated so much by the world reaction and revisionism.

See the five-year plans according to non-Marxist writers like Bernald and Colin... (III. Plenum of the Central Committee 1992) Five five-year plans, twenty-five years, with World War II in the USSR, it had 25 million dead and had to apply them on scorched earth. Chairman Mao says Stalin was unable to know how to balance the production system, he did not put it on the two feet of agriculture and industry. Despite the mistakes, the strength of the power of these new social relationships created a complete revolution and certain bases of economic development that met the needs of millions... The World Bank analyses in a book 30 years of the development of backward countries... they conclude that the one who made the biggest leap in the shortest possible time was China; it was not Teng's laws but the development of China's economy made in the base areas in the Democratic Revolution, which was made after the liberation of 1949.

The USSR under Stalin's leadership and the CP, with the Red Army and the sacrifice of more than about 25 million lives of Soviet citizens and millions of lives of the peoples of Asia, defeated the fascist state of Germany in the Second Imperialist War, world war of plunder, HITLER, who had no solution but to commit suicide. Stalin led the world anti-fascist front during the war, that saved the Soviet Union and served the liberation of Europe and contributed to the revolution in Asia and around the world.

All that the October Revolution and all the comrades who sacrificed themselves at the moment of the opening of the New Era left, nothing from the enemies, no oppressor has forgiven them and the proletariat and peoples of the world thanked them and dreamed of equality, justice and peace for all; founded today, tomorrow and forever by the Titans of thought and action, with the victory of the Chinese Revolution (1949), the initiation of the People's War in Peru (May 17, 1980), which is lead by the CPP, the People's War, led by the CPI (maoist), and those which will initiate, this is a reality, not just a pipe dream.

In this process of the proletarian world revolution, Chairman Mao Tse-tung in developing Marxism-Leninism, lifted Marxism to its highest peak through the theory of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. And in Peru, the chairman Gonzalo, applying it to the current situation, gave us Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought.

In the current situation and in perspective, we have entered the strategic offensive of the world revolution within the "50 to 100 years" that will draw down imperialism and world reaction, and that the proletariat will definitively grasp power and establish its dictatorship, in which the contradiction from this point on will be between socialism and capitalism on the way to communism.

That the restorations in the USSR and China have taken place does not deny the process of great development of the international proletariat, but shows how the struggle between restoration and counter-restoration is given, from which the communists draw lessons to prevent the restoration and finally establish the dictatorship of the proletariat.

As expected, the Maoist Communist Parties and the Revolutionary Organizations declared this in the calling to celebrating the centenary of the victory of the October Revolution, and that is one hundred years of the development of world proletarian revolution in the 5th Meeting of the Maoist Parties and Organizations in Latin America, signed by the Organization created by the CPP for work abroad, the Popular Movement of Peru (Reorganisation Committee) and then this is substantiated by the declaration of the First Meeting of Maoist Parties and Organizations in Europe, in a big celebration. This act is its concretion.

This is the call of the class, the international proletariat and the peoples of the world, this call of the class and the peoples, we together embody the scientific ideology of the proletariat, the radiant and indestructible Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, that is the creative and concrete application of Maoism today and always, that we carry in our veins and beats in our in our mind: everything is illusory except power!

After the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the first congress of the CPP and carrying on the campaigns of ideological and political construction (Construcción Ideológica y Política (CIPO)), ambushes, constant actions of armed agitation and propaganda... and several calls on all party levels. We have opened a crack and given an impulse to the General Reorganization of the Party (Reorganización General del Partido (RGP)), going forward in strengthening politically and radiating courage and a lot of communist initiative. The PLA increasingly embodies that our strength resides in CIPO, investigation and training plans and planned deployment; handling discipline, constant political and military surveillance and raising the five needs of the party. Today we know how to act and give the enemy heavy blows in this we are moving forward.

The rest is pure foolish chatter and black opposition against a leap in organizational construction, the leadership and two-line struggle of those who cling to the old and the black; the old refuses to die, questions, criticizes and makes unimportant things into a state affair and sinks into lazy individualism and liberalism, expecting that everything comes from the central leadership and contend for a post and believing to be predestinated to lead as they do not move a finger, much less do they break with the old; they drum on their breasts; but on plans, ideology and CIPO, nothing! They skimp on time and some get out before they have completed the RGP. In the background capitulating due to feudal problems, the "Pareja" and flirt with the ideas of their universities or their old contacts in the capitulatory revisionist ROL and LOL, fall into pessimism and say that it was better here and there; but they do not even know what the countryside is, and not what the People's War is, because this is, and will be even more, and this trail of blood and victory we not have crossed yet, they want to go forward without messing with their hair and wearing off the shoes, in foolish poses, of which Chairman Gonzalo had already crushed the old revisionists and traitors in theory and in practice with the People's War and now they attack furiously and negate his thought; the CPP has experience of handling the two-line struggle and we will smash the individuals that are fleeing struggles because of their thirst for protagonism and liberalism and letting to be driven by groups of traitors and renegades who have never done anything but destruction and division.

The fight is at the level of ideas, it is materialized in the People's War and the struggle is given wherever it comes from. It is the armed struggle between revolution and counter-revolution, for which if we sacrifice our lives to impose the left line in the party, so we give our lives with dignity and determination. This was taught by Marx, Lenin, Chairman Mao, and we have learned from the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, this we have been doing and will continue to do so until communism is imposed on earth, and there is harmony and happiness for the people.

This old Peruvian State, decayed to the core, unavoidable crumbling, represented by fascists, genocidals and sellmotherlands, each time more lackey and vile servants of their master, imperialism, mainly Yankee. The Yankee, who serves as president of the old landlord-bureaucratic state, PP Kuczynki, in his alleged desire and big noise, tries to hide his nature and continues to serve the imperialist and reactionary dictates.

After a census was conducted on Sunday, October 22, 2017; that was obvious. As always, to impose this counter-subversive, as part of its so-called "low-intensity warfare" (GBI), population control and displacement "expropriation" of the land and property of the people; it was already being shouted and questioned, the order of irretrievability and repression of the people, the Minister of the Interior, the apprentice of the FUHRER, - and former sympathizer of the armed revisionism of the MRTA – Basombrío, denies that there were arrests and that "the citizens should go to a health emergency"; coming to the ridicule and shameless of those who produced these Yankee plans.

It was noticed that in many places no census took place and less came to places that were remote of our national geography. There was a high reject rate, which was expressed in that many went drinking, going for a walk and meeting with family and friends. It was revealed that regional and presidential candidates were prepared to spread polos, caps, pens for propaganda, that INEI itself had knowledge and even produced the resignation of the head of the INEI, Anibal Sáncherz, due to the wave of denounces of robbery and violating of women which were working the census, apart from that neither material nor training was given to them despite the census being announced for a year; the economy has been paralysed and also production of many factories and of private and state-owned companies have stalled, even electric railways and transportation were restricted etc., which caused more insecurity and the criminals took advantage to bring their crimes on the agenda.

This "census" shows its real reactionary aspect, in all its levels, these authorities are there for the spoils. This erodes them more and intensifies the contend between them. This "census" after being used for their own purposes and systematic shameless robbery and deception of the youth; These days, the same youths who were working on it have been protesting and despising the system and the entire state machinery of INEI, with full class hatred, for their payment, and have taken and destroyed all the incomplete materials and logistics they have received to justify these boosters of the great disaster and fraud of the 2017 National Census.

In the recent national strike of the SUTEP bases has mobilized a large majority of Lima and regions, if some teachers did not attend and would not accept, this is the dirty and black work the Movadef and Patria Roja do, the whole "Left" opportunism, teeming in Lima and Huancayo, especially for not working complied as a front, but acting outside the bases and masses of teachers in the countryside and parents and students, they only want their equals and traffickers of teachers, open the door to the infiltration in the regional SUTE and where Movadef adheres or publicize the condition of the HNI of 2017 and trying to traffic with the advances in the struggle and struggling platform of teachers, youths and parents. These are the emerging conditions, also the workers in the judiciary were almost starting a strike, but Durbeli Rodríquez defended his management and defeated the struggle of the workers of the judiciary, the national and international situation demands bold progress in the coming reactionary elections to increase the boycott, all the more to incorporate the masses and for the People's War.

The Yankee PPK has recently met with the United Nations representative of foreign affairs issues and plans of their "Human Rights" (HR), which are nothing but the rights of the bourgeoisie and to guarantee the crimes of the old Peruvian state, he said that the UN told him to submit the genocide Fujimori to an examination of international doctors; for what? To give the pardon. They guarantee the genocides of the bureaucratic way and want to fulfil their main counter-revolutionary task of destroying the PW and the CPP.

But they fail in their three reactionary tasks. So collapses the old society and the old state that represents and defends its democracy, its executive and parliament, its armed forces and police, the judiciary and the penitentiary, and it costs them, the CPP moves forward in its RGP, even more in the current context the XXV anniversary of the vibrant and victorious speech of Chairman Gonzalo, the 89th anniversary of the glorious and heroic combatant, the CPP, and in this 100th anniversary of the victory of the Great Socialist October Revolution in Russia, led and under the great leadership of the Great Lenin.

We salute the Maoist parties and organizations in Latin America and in the world, for the impulses for the campaign of defence of our Great Leadership, the Chairman Gonzalo, and especially the CP Brazil (Red Fraction), CP Ecuador (Red Sun) the MCP of France and the Maoist magazines of Germany (class standpoint) and Austria (Red Front Collective) etc. for their statements on the 25th anniversary of the speech of our leadership.

These statements are of great importance for the defence of Maoism. For with their dark and black attacks on the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the Face of the Earth, the teacher of the Communists and guarantee of triumph, Chairman Gonzalo; that's where the reactionaries are the bone licker's, the hyenas of the rotten system attack, the living soul, our heart and centre of party unity, they wanted to torture with the great leadership of the CPP in the scam of the new trial. But this is where our beloved leader and eagle of the party has broken and shattered their plans, those of the traitors and revisionists of the ROL and LOL, those who never show their faces and cloak themselves with the coat of political prisoners and social activists; today openly, in the party and the front organizations of Movadef, Fuddep, etc. with the old talk that they have "no conditions", "the leadership can’t and nobody can take it"; but they take the name of Chairman Gonzalo and the CPP for their black and filthy clothing, the People's War will sweep them and they will have to swallow whole black puke when the CPP has left the bend with the RGP.

We must raise the proletariat and the peoples of the world, especially here in Latin America, which is the centre of the revolutionary storm, where the spark of People's War in Peru sets fire to the fields of oppression and exploitation and transforms them into future base areas for the world proletarian revolution.

We reaffirm ourselves in developing as a fraction within the international communist movement to put Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism as a command and guide of the world revolution, and call: to uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, because only this way the international proletariat, through its reconstituted communist parties, will be able to lead the conquest of power and emancipate the oppressed to emancipate themselves as a class.

The history of the international communist movement is a glorious process of struggle by which the communists in the world had fought and fight to unite in the service of achieving its unalterable goal of communist society. In this heroic struggle, three internationals emerged.

We are in favour of the restoration of the Comintern and we think that the agreement in the meetings of the Maoist parties and organizations from Latin America and Europe to march to a United International Conference of Maoist Parties and Organizations is an important step in this direction, in this sense with our participation we give an impulse with our created organism and the common statements.

Long live the chairman Gonzalo, leader of the party and revolution!
Uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought!
Long live the Communist Party of Peru!
Defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo with People's War!
Long live the centenary of the victory of the Great Socialist October Revolution in Russia!
Long live the International Proletariat!
Long live the Proletarian World Revolution!
Long live Maoism! Down with revisionism!
Long live the people's war in Peru, India, Turkey and the Philippines!
Glory and honour to the heroic Peruvian people!

Peru, October 25, 2017