We publish this english translation of the article "Hienas de toga, gorilas de pijama e lobos em pele de cordeiro..." from issue 199 of A Nova Democracia:

The different fractions of the false “left” does not know limits of its audacity. For these people, the dictate “the ends justifies the means”, which expresses very well its physiologism, worth more than any banner. Senator Randolfe Rodrigues and deputy Alessandro Molon, both from Rede are examples!1 Their faces don’t blush when they pose as “social rights” defenders and against of “rights removal”, as they present themselves at the parliamentary pigsty as the most enthusiasts of the hypocrite moralizing anti-corruption crusade embarked by the Public Prossecutor’s Office and judiciary. And what to say about the illustrious deserter Aldo Rebelo (ex-leader of the revisionist Pecedobe), Defence Minister of the last mandate of Dilma Rousseff; who, watching the boat sinking, like a rat, movedlock, stock and barrel to Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), the party that during many years composed the opportunist and electioneering front headed by the Workers Party (PT), but which voted in block for the impeachment of the ex-manager Dilma Rousseff?2 All the “politic class”, the old declared right and the false “left” (which means, new right), even bogged down to the neck in the mud, pursuits one single and common goal. First, to present themselves as the true “ethic” paladins seeking to get rid of the swords over their heads, in order to, try to clout electorally, pointing out the corruption of the others.

humaita uprising
Popular uprising in Humaitá destroys Old State buildings, 10/27. Crisis ignites response of the masses.

Despite all the show off by the press monopoly, the so worshipped “Lava Jato” Operation is at a crossroad. Clearly, the contradictions engendered by the actual operation and consequently the sharpening of the disputes between the different power groups encrusted at the old State, boosted by the “institute of plea bargain”, has imposed gigantic difficulties to the imperialists plans of “great cleaning”. This because, as we have been asserting, more than managing the interests of the national and foreign monopolies and of latifundium, the so called “politic class” – in the different names and groups representing the fractions of the ruling classes, that with the deepening of the economic crisis of the bureaucratic capitalism of the country sharpened its contends – defends its own physiologic interests.

Also, the bill of the “Temer salvation” operation will still cause more headaches. In these circumstances and environment, in short and medium terms, to talk about “stability” on the palacian means is only possible as delirium. It is not precisely this what is being revealed in the current imbroglio concerning the judiciary and the legislative regarding the revocation of Aecio Neves/Brazilian Social Democrat Party (PSDB) mandate?


The consequences of the “Lava Jato” Operation – scandals, processes, arresting, “plea bargains” and more processes and arresting – as well as manoeuvres for saving politicians at the Congress are the expression of the degree of the contend between the ruling classes fractions, these who, at the same time, confabulate to throw the most brutal and merciless blows against peoples rights, so arduously conquered through one century of the proletariat struggle.

This is the situation of the class struggle developed by the upper strata, as for, in the world of the class struggle of the lower strata, the challenge to develop it conscientiously and more organized is presented, considering that the material base (increase of land concentration, shortage, unemployment, poverty, rights cutting etc.) and the very political justification for the growing popular revolt (distrust on the system and lack of solution perspective within its marks) builds exponentially, accumulating inflammable material in superior proportions to those that broke out in the great popular revolts of June/July 2013.

Regarding this, the recent scandals concerning Cabral/Pezão/mafia and the Fifa magnates does not make the combating youth – who were cowardly criminalized, violently repressed and that resulted in countless political arresting and absurd criminal processes still on course – protests even more justified?


When general Antônio Hamilton Mourão declared that “or the institutions solve the political problem, by the action of the judiciary, removing from the public life these elements involved in ‘the illicit’, or else we would have to impose this”3, brought forward what, insistently, AND has been denounced about the deliberately planned and counter-insurgent character of the already declining “Lava Jato” Operation, led from the USA in the sense that, as the first option of the imperialist establishment, safeguard the reactionary institutions of the old State pointing out the “politicians” as the sole responsible for all the rottenness of the old order.

It is not for coincidence that this declaration of general Antônio Hamilton Mourão is made in the midst of the implementation of this intervention – in the form of reactionary civil war against the people – in Rio de Janeiro (current bastion of social chaos and the very bankruptcy of the political system and the remaining institutions of the decomposing old State). It is not strange the recent approval, by the National Congress, the bill that shifts to the Military justice ambit the trial of Armed Forces members acting in Law and order Guarantee (GLO)4 operations, as those, at the moment, occupying the favelas in Rio de Janeiro or those that were, in large scale, used by the PT management against the popular protests during the squandering of Fifa.

As the front burner and as first option, the central objective of the Yankee imperialist intervention in the country is still being to conserve the decadent demo-liberal political system, imposing its increasing reactionarization by the means of implementing the reactionary civil war in course, deployed by the old State against the people. But the imperialist establishment will not hesitate in releasing its sell-motherland gorillas when necessary.

The increase of public opinion favourable to vile characters as Bolsonaro or openly rightist movements as Free Brazil Movement (MBL) and his young guru Kim Kataguiri are mainly reflections of the growing polarization that emerges from society between the people and the genocide State. In this polarization, campaigns such as “Diretas Ja!”[direct elections] and “Lula 2018” compose the reaction field.

On the other side, these right characters, with their parrotlike, are not more than puppets of more powerful forces, the true holders of economic power that, in the end, are the ones who command all the political system of the electoral sham.

About this, the recent revelations of the electronic message exchange between the leadership of MBL and executives of the “financial market” are clarifying5.

There, once more, it is convenient to follow the wise advises of the great helmsman: tactically, we do not underestimate them, as for strategically, we know they are nothing but paper tigers”!

As a matter of fact, in the country, a new revolutionary situation is being fermented and developed


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